No Heroes? No Problem! – Let’s Play TH9 Ep.23 – Clash of Clans – Mass Goblin / Goblin Knife Farming

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  1. ??I like it…

  2. subscribed

  3. How to push without heroes?

  4. Nice vid ure awesome at using gobs

  5. Love your all of your clash content man, thanks for posting it.

  6. Goblins for droppins trophies
    Laloonion for raising trophies ..
    To maintain crystal league

  7. i love goblin knife 🙂

  8. Lavaloonian all the way ?

  9. Happy Wednesday Bash from my family to yours. Hope you max soon 🙂

  10. Your hair game is terrible. Accept the baldness or wear a cap idk.. Gonna unsubscribe for now bud

  11. What level are your heroes?

  12. U can even take loons in cc n drop them first with 1 rage n take down splash building and then deploy goblins! This is how I attack

  13. Support Bash guys!…HE IS WORKING REALLY HARD

  14. Im also a th9 and i upgrade both of my heroes at the same time
    My army comp is 4 wallbreakers 67 goblins 40 archers 8 giants 1 pekka 10 wiz 2 heal 1 jump 1 rage and in cc 2 giant and 5 wiz
    clear out the collectors outside with gobs thn u have pekka wiz and giant for dark elixir in the middle or behind those walls
    This way u get loot and no trophies are lost cost is around 150k pretty cheap and effective .
    Try it out ?

  15. No hero’s? Problem. I’m so trash with mass goblin when I don’t have my hero’s! Wtf? By the way, you have a beautiful family bro, much love.

  16. hii sir

  17. Im th 9 and i use Ballons and minions+ queen walk with 5 healers its working for me i farm 20k of dark in 1 day

  18. Every Base has TONS of loot availabel

  19. Bash I'm also th9 farming. Haven't been seeing any dead bases for weeks. Haven't been effective with loonian since th8. I been using. This strat for my farming. It's not dirt cheap but far from expensive. My goals are 2 things a star wich ain't terribly necessary and the de storage. If the drills have something I'll find an entry that puts then in my view while heading to de storage. The loot just comes with it. I do a massive amount of raids while boosted. And its so consistent that very often i raid without CC or HEROS mind you its always better to have them. But i hate waiting and seems theyre not hugely necessary. The comp is 18 GIANT 17 WIZARD 7 VALK and 3 WBs 4 QUAKE 2 RAGE . The spell is up to you. Sometimes I use POISON for traps/cc. Sometimes SKELLIES in conjunction with rage kills enemy aq easily, or for distracting her or other things. Sometimes there nothing in core besides de. It's also good for that.

  20. Hey Bash im a new th9 currently upgrading spell factory and stuffs any tips

  21. Are goblins better for farming than barch? (Barbs and archers)

  22. Love you

  23. Loving the zero to hero series, post more 😀

  24. We're is pushing to legends

  25. Been using Mass goblins on th11 and th10 and it is the way to go for maxing elxier troops .buildings fast..boosting only barracks 30gems only


  27. Cool