No Hound Loonion Gets Loot! – Let’s Play TH9 EP.26 – Clash of Clans – TH9 Hero Farming

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  1. On his 4 th attack the one with the cross in the middle of the base, what would be the best way to attack it

  2. not that you need any advice but archers n barbs are always some of the first troops i upgrade because it ups the spawns for hero's

  3. What is your clan code

  4. Subbed, love the vids

  5. Can you show how to drop the loons like you do, the double finger tap as I drop them and they bunch up. I want to see the finger movement 🙂

  6. I tried joining your clan and your elders and co leaders declined my request

  7. I also want a guide for lavaloonoin army to harvest all the three loots

  8. This helped me very much to get loot but in 2hr but I don't mind

  9. Hey I want to upgrade my walls to lvl 10 without league going down

  10. Upgrade the queen on level 21 and finish it with book…can I join your clan Im Th10 champ 1 league…you are the best bro ?

  11. Miss those max th9 days lol, I'm a new th10, had max heroes and maxed everything else lol

  12. Rocky you are really helping th9 players a lot,Love your Loonian attacks and Goblin knife attacks:)

  13. واو

  14. plz lemme join ur clan

  15. Yo brothers! I’m going to give you some advice if you’re looking for dark elixir, push up to Crystal 1 use Loonion first boost then barch it’s amazing I grind almost 100k de in 2-3 boosts msg me if needed.

  16. Pls

  17. Which apks u use say

  18. Cool

  19. You are best bro i like your th8 legend push seried love u bro take care plzz bro make a video of govape for th8

  20. What he means by ''tons'' he means searching 10 mins finding dead base that upgraded the collectors

  21. Rocky real big fan but ur confidence is become overconfidence . Plaza check ccbefore completely deployment!!

  22. that mohawk thoe looking like the gobling from coc lmao


  24. Thanks for showing me this looninon army. It has helped a lot for farming. I've already got a lot of loot in 1 hr.

  25. Yo bash. Just finishing up my TH9 and found a pretty useful DE farming strategy. Had both of my heroes down when the healer event was going on, so had to try something other than QW. What I ended up using was 4 pekka, 4 healers, 16 wizards, 2 jumps and 2 rages and a poison, with cc bowlers and a skeleton spell. It's not really a 3 star strategy, but as long as you funnel correctly you'll wreck the core. Not saying you have to try this strategy, but personally I was struggling with loonion for some reason, and was getting annoyed if I missed DE in the core. You could drop a couple of wizards for WB's. Basically the wizards are just there to funnel and clean up anything that's left over, jump the pekka and bowlers in to the core, and under rage they'll tear through it in seconds. The skeleton spell is just to clean up anything, and also a useful tank if you only have a wizard or 2 left at the end. Anyway, I think this strategy is pretty strong right now, but once the update hits and level 4 pekka are available at TH9 this could be OP. Sorry for the essay, and hope you feel better soon.

  26. Mind if I make a similar video, Bash?

  27. really nice loot

  28. Hi bash

  29. I use the skeleton spell for the enemy queen.

  30. No more no cam vids ?

  31. Stream tonight?

  32. Bash when do you think you will go up to th10

  33. Ice bash

  34. Hi bro! ♥️