OMFG THIS CUP OFFER! – Clash of Clans – Raiding First Legends Player! Push to Legends EP2

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  1. Cqotd dose a clome spell work on a nother clome sell

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  5. try blitz brigade

  6. if you guys dont wanna see pokemon go just go to another channel which uploads clash royale and clash if clans but does not upload pokemon go.

  7. If you want intro song…

    Darude-Sandstorm stop asking

  8. Thanks for Clash of Clan videos …..happy?

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  12. Royal is the way to go

  13. CCOTD: Will you keep using lavaloonion in legends or will you use the miner strat


  15. #CQOTD
    Will you ever going to get into clan wars or build YouTuber clans and do clan wars?

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  19. #CQOTD what's you full name (first, middle, last). ps. your my favorite youtuber!

  20. COC

  21. no one cares about Pokémon go

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  23. noo clash of clans should be the main thing u do on your yotube channel . Pokémon go sucks don't play it

  24. What do u mean by a "whale base"?

  25. Says he is an awesome farmer but puts money into a the game and can just buy 10 million gold

  26. e bola (a bowler)


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  29. effing pokemon go do more coc and cod