OMG Dying! A PB Update!

  1. little things like this are why we love you PB.. making sure we all know what's up and giving a sincere apology for something that you can't even control. loved seeing you on the live stream! keep it up my man

  2. get well soon sir, maybe niquil will help. I'm a leader of SOUL SACRIFICE CLAN LEVEL 9. PHILIPPINES I'm your fan. I make clash of clans events and organize individual tournament.

  3. Lol PB, you sound terrible! You deserve a break. Dont worry-we will be here when you are better.

  4. Bang just take the rest of the week off man, you really need the rest! Screw the people that want videos fast, there's many other CoC youtuber a they can watch.

  5. (◣‿◢)

  6. Take a break PB

  7. Dude you need a break.. Just make a video of it. We'll understand..

  8. Get well man it's just YouTube. Health and family is more important

  9. the live stream was really nice!

  10. don't worry! you sounded like the bad guy in the lice stream 😉 kinda cool

  11. I thought that you were sick while doing the live stream. You didn't sound like your old self. Get some rest dude as well as some chicken noodle soup. My wife makes the homemade kind and it always does the trick for me.

  12. Don't worry pb, just get some rest, i've been sucribing you since the beginning of the channel and definetly not leaving you now after all the amazing content you've been providing us! Get well soon #BestCoCYouTuber

  13. get well soon man ??

  14. just hearing ur voice makes me hard, get well soon. Xxnzsnipesxx out

  15. Take your time and rest up buddy, hopefully you with be fitting fit post update and ready to fire your wit and wisdom at us

  16. good job on Sunday. could see a couple of times you were just thinking "WHY?" and "What were you thinking?". can't wait for the update. get well Powerbang and get back to us when you're better. ??

  17. why dislikes? retards whats wrong in this video?

  18. take care PB!

  19. Take a week off man. You deserve it.

  20. we can wait pb.. u take care and get back after u feel gud to go ?

  21. get some rest

  22. Get well soon PB

  23. you did a great job, thanks

  24. اللي افتهم شي يسولف النه ??

  25. get well soon :)

  26. could hear you wasnt too well on the stream. BIG UP THE PB for doing his thing for Supercell. Get well soon dude

  27. Get well soon

  28. Get well soon brother

  29. Get better PB!

  30. Get well soon PB

  31. get well soon big guy, RG

  32. take it easy and recover…

  33. Get well soon.. i got sore throat too :/ :(

  34. get better soon and get back to us, we got used to you , wish for you a good health

  35. Get well soon

  36. lol welcome to europe i guess lol get better man

  37. Get well soon PB.. We need you.. Your videos she awesome.. Best channel for Coc..

    Btw what's the date for update? I can't wait anymore.. ?

  38. you need to rest bruv…. in africa parables, **man body no be fire wood* much love #NaijaCrew8

  39. Get well soon man!

  40. Feel better

  41. get well soon PB~ get some good rest~

  42. You look like sh!t. You must have had too much of the Finnish white wine. I have been there 3 times. Finn hospitality is great but they like to see how you handle a hot sauna and white wine ( straight vodka ).

  43. Get some rest idol :)

  44. Get some soup in ya' and rest up. We'll see you soon :)

  45. Feel better PB. get well for the GOOD GUYS!

  46. hope u get better soon power bang