ONE Simple Trick – QUICK Strategy to WIN MORE Battles in Clash of Clans!

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  5. 90 degrees not 45?

  6. Lol "Precisely peppered around the perimeter" say that 5 times fast

  7. wow

  8. can i join your clan

  9. the angel in the thump nail is 90°


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  15. He asked me a weird question that i the real galadon wouldn't ask

  16. I think I found a fake galadon he's in a clan called PAK army somthing like that

  17. I'm a bh5 and I 2 star bh6's 90 percent of the time and usually only get one starred

  18. Galadon, can u try my attack strategy, 2 camps of baby drags, 1 camp of bombers and the rest is barbs. I am at 2600 trophies

  19. I thought I am watching clash of clans instead of being in geometry class

  20. Hello mans plz sup in my channel ?

  21. Hey Guys! I'm a new clash of clans youtuber and I just posted a video on how to 3 star th11s. If you could take the time out of your day to check it out and tell me how I did I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  22. Where's ma GalaFam

  23. Amazingly helpful mate, great work!

  24. GENERAL TONY uses a similar strategy

  25. Pretty sure it's 90 degree not 45

  26. your base max

  27. Wow! Amazing! Taught me something I knew from the beginning of night mode clash. To avoid the crusher -_-

  28. at 5000: 50% 2 star is enough 🙂
    at 2400: 71% 2 star is a loss :/

  29. I'm a free to play Builders Hall 5 at 2770 trophies. Anyone else in a similar place?

  30. Any body have a good clan to join in ClashRoyal please tell me

  31. join GalidonClan on clash of clan it is a clan

  32. Galadon you made me hungry?

  33. That's 90°

  34. When is the next made my own legendary video

  35. The angle on the thumbnail ist 90 and not 45 you noob 😛

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  37. "Eating your opponents' faces for dinner" – Gally 2017