OneHive 2.0 War Highlights Episode 26 – OneHive Invicta Special

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  1. lol @ this Ray Tayvan guy, go to his page and check out his discussion, sooo many people have posted saying hes a huge troll, liar, coward, etc. don't believe a word of the bs hes spitting about OH. keep up the hard work onehive, love your and jake's videos and the clan

  2. OneHive Invicta War Highlights Episode 26 – #OneHiveLabs

  3. BTW, im still a big fan of jake and his videos, but not so much onehive anymore, and yes I know onehive 2.0 and onehive aren't the same clan, they are all different clans with different levels of commitment to fair play, and different leadership. Some of you are 100% full of shit.

  4. Wow guess Its even worse than I previously thought. Onehive members still bitter about their loss to us sent members to join our clan a week before we got matched up with onehive 2.0, taking the weights of our bases/heros/walls,etc, then would wait for us to start a war, and start a war themselves essentially trying to get matched up with us, then they of course they took screen shots of our bases, and all this from a 100% fair play war clan… Do you want to get better at the game, here is a tip, stop cheating.

  5. I'm in higher ground, the clan that whooped invicta, and we just got matched up with onehive 2.0. Let me tell you one thing about their 100% fair play disclaimer: it is complete BS. The real reason they don't show their bases in recap videos is because they are all career th 8.5ers…. I am a new th9 with xbows 10/10 heros,20 legos, a few upgraded defenses and my mirror is max D, all lavas, 30/30 heros, no xbows….. That is why they get matched up with bad clans. I like the one hive family of clans, I love what you guys are trying to do to make the war community more competitive, but lets at least drop the holier than thou attitude about cheating/spying/moding. Because doing career 8.5 is just as much if not more exploitative of the game than any other form of cheating. Don't believe me just ask for screen shots of their bases and I will prove it.

  6. Nice video, nice to see some of the guys I was with in my time in invicta shoutout to FU and Ixan, i didnt make it but glad u guys still smashing it

  7. Nice video! Keep it up droc! ?

  8. those bases were so bad… but hey what you gonna do right?  not your fault lol

  9. Nice again, keeeeep going !!

  10. Nice vid. Good to see some haste spell action. 

  11. Nice recap! Look forward to seeing some more stuff coming out of invicta.  Keep up the good work.

  12. Really nice to see some atks from Invicta, u guys are killing it! Congrats on the win.

  13. Boom goes the dynamite! Nice video. Keep it up

  14. Nice commentary D-Roc – really enjoyed the recap!