OneHive 2.0 War Recap | Clan vs Clan | Clan Wars | Clash Of Clans HD

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  1. By far my favorite youtuber, keep it up dude!

  2. These guys make it look so easy.  I just tried a GoLavaLoon in my last war and it was a disaster!!

  3. Thanks for doing the recap, Gadi! Great video!

  4. Lol loved gadis comments over surgical hogging of wasting time an confusing all himself bringing tht much of troops nice recap buddy

  5. OneHive 2.0 War Recap vs Lost Phoenix Clan LP3 Chiron: #clashofclans

  6. Gadi can you Do a giantwiwi attack? I dont know Wether its good so maybe you do so an attack. Or you say in the next Video thats Not a good strategy. Thanks for the perfekt Tips :)

  7. great job dude

  8. show us the clan war that u went against a asian clan, i saw it on pinsworm stream :)

  9. Nice attacks!
    Hey +gadi hh I cannot find the video with the xplanation of "the trick" (the one explaining to which defense your troops will go). I used the search engine on your channel but it didn't work…can you link the video in a reply please?

  10. Nice video gadi ,i will send you a message when we will have a Great War

  11. Nice video