OneHive Family Scrimmage, OH Yellow Attacks

An awesome selection of 3 star attacks from the yellow side of the map, which was forced to use ground attacks. Hope you guys enjoy the TH10 and TH9 action.


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  1. Thanks for an awesome scrim! Was a lotta fun!

  2. I think Emphatic Elite are now the best war clan. Onehive has had there crown stolen off them weeks ago.

  3. Jake the lightning in the attack which btw is called bluevealer after blueproud is meant for swag lol no other purpose

  4. Hey Jake C&C question, should SC add a "stars per war attacks" stat on player profiles? I came across numerous players that had an impressive amount of stars yet turned out to be horrible attackers and when questioned about it they just participate in EVERY war they can and rack up stars. I think that stat could save some time and trouble to clans that set a certain standard as to how many stars per war attacks a player should have. I'm saying per attack and not per war cause sometimes you just don't have time for that 2nd attack and it wouldn't be fair to those who just live busy lives. your thoughts? hope you answer this one…clash on.

  5. I thought it was supposed to be only ground attacks…? What happened in the first attack…?

  6. jake right now ur the best clash utuber because u arent doing all this dumb clash royale stuff. that game has so little strategy

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  8. You've become one of my favourite you tubers keep up the good work??

  9. He really had no clue about the swag lightning it got him again ??

  10. How many healers heal as much as a heal spell?

  11. Keep up all this great content Jake. I'm moving to th10 with you!


  13. Zap quake takes 2 lightning. I think they had a side bet and just brought the Lightning to swag.

  14. th10 vs. th9 :))

  15. I'm so dumb hehe shen it said OH family etc. I thought it ment Ohio and not OneHive XD but nice recap!

  16. New meta swag lightning

  17. Hi Jake, how do you guys match consistently? I know about the gold value on war day but our clan still can't do a scrimmage. What other factors is their beside the war weight? Great videos Jake, keep it up.

  18. showing a th10 ( 5 spells ) hitting a th9?

  19. Cool probably fun to scrim one another

  20. The random lightning spells are just members showing off right? Fun scrim to watch!

  21. how did cottoneye Joe have 5 spells? th10 attacked a th9?

  22. how did hell know those wb were going to wrap like that? never seen anything like that…I've always stood by OH but that was a bit fishy

  23. Hell's base wasn't that good tbh

  24. Sub to my channek

  25. OMG Jake can't wait to get in a match with you guys 🙂 We are a lvl 9 clan and more than 210 wins

  26. Hey Jake, if queen walks do in fact get nerfed, do you think th9 will be balanced again? Great video as always