OneHive Family vs RWCS Clans Part 1

Here is the OneHive attacks from the scrimmage we had with the RWCS. Hope you enjoy these TH10 3 star, TH9 GoHo, Queen Walk, GoLaLoon, GoVaHo, and …


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  1. Hey jake nice vid like always
    i have a question
    could you do a series about those th 9 2 stars
    because i and maybe some others really want to see how some Bases defend

  2. They had a 8:1 amount of possible player choice advantage. And they beat u by 1… Kinda good man!

  3. Hey jake, love how ur channel has progressed. Seems so long ago since OneHive war #1 haha…. One little thing, my heroes are lvl 10/14 and I'm really interested in ur queen walks. I understand that it can be done with a lvl 14 queen but could u sure more videos on how to do that? I know u have shown clips like that in the past but if u could spare the time to make another like it, I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot and I'm doing my best to help u pay ur rent… 😉 haha

  4. GO RWCS. Great war from everyone at onehive to though :)

  5. Was a great war,Loved every minute of it ☺ Big shout out to the guys who set it up ☺Round 2 soon I hope……

  6. he keeps saying 'if you caught the live stream' but i don't know who streams from one hive. send help!

  7. another great war!

  8. Jake first sneak update is out are you impressed with the lvl7 lightening

  9. Thanks jake and really looking forward to part 2! Was a Great War and really looking forward to round 2 🙂
    As one of the people leading this, I can say that the effort was worth every minute (of 20 awake hours) to war with such a great group of clans in probably the most intense, fun and exciting war that we have had to date.

    Ben – Reddit Xenon Leader

  10. Jake I love gohog but when I try it doesn't work and I think it's because of the opponent's base layout!
    You always show us anti 3* bases but I've never seen one of those with my clan (although we can 3* a lot)! Usually the difference is the base: It's not that spread out, mortars and wizard tower are in the center and it's very crowded! Not like yours with lots of 2 big bombs spots and that much space between canons, archer tower and so one … Could you show us 3* on more common base (not anti 3 mut more anti 2)?

  11. Watched the end live towards the end. Nice to know that players on both sides are human and don't get 3 stars all the time, lol. Queen goes wrong way, king goes wrong way, loons are placed late in GoLaLoon, etc. Of course, they're all better than me though! 😛 Great war on both sides!

  12. Hey Jake I was wondering how you get you videos to cover the whole screen. I believe you said you use QuickTime and that is what I use also Thanks

  13. Jake , does onehive have a training clan I need to train and join one hive

  14. معلوم صلاه الا انت مافي معلوم عربي ولا وشو )

  15. ي جاك ماعلمتني الحين انت مسلم تقرا قران وتصلي وتستغفر ولا كافر فاجر ملعون والدين ؟

  16. 17:05 That's a forum base lol, I thought these reddit guys would know better than that.

  17. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo alldaylong :)

  18. Jawollllll Tobi du Tier! DARK LOOTERS FTW

  19. Unlucky war, maybe a rematch sometime would be nice as people sometimes just get unlucky.

  20. wait you have more two stars but still lose? :0