OneHive Labs Update Discussion | Clash of Clans

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  1. Very detailed and informative!

  2. Thanks Wiser and Kadijk for the informative content 🙂 This is the vid that i've really wanted to see after the update drops 🙂 I was curious to hear your thoughts about this update. Really excited to see how base design will change. My base designing spirit is fantastic after the update xD i've made 3 new base this week lol. Looking forwards for the next base building series video!

  3. very nice guys. really like the 2 man video. I believe ur the only channel doing that

  4. Nice video, the new lvl 5 Valkyries are really awesome.

  5. This update is indeed interesting. The few things I love about it are the X-Bow buff from levels 2-4, the max hog levels, and the valk tweaks.

  6. This update is indeed interesting. My favorite thing about it is the new Hog Rider level. I'm loving that spiked sledgehammer.