OneHive Labs Update Discussion (Miners Update) | Clash of Clans

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  1. your recommending lava hounds over golems in defensive cc for th10 n th9? what about those valk attacks, lava are useless against those

  2. Ever since this spring buff I have noticed it massively. They work great in between tesla farms and in between defences in the outer ring of the base (entry points). I used to think it wouldn't matter because as you guys said they usually dodge them, however my spring placement is working very well rn.

  3. Some of us were talking about how its easy for everyone to exploit the wars now. The new concept of public war log allowed anyone from the opponent clan to go to the clan you just fought last war and just look at all your bases and where all the traps are and what you normally put in cc. And I know lot of clans change war bases but vast majority of players don't bother to change bases every war. Nor do they tend to change there cc comp. With war log public, its very easy for your opponent to anonymously go to the last clan you fought and get all the bases from your team. Do you think this could become a problem in the future? I know it should not matter for arrange wars but vast majority of clans don't do arrange wars. In that case, is it actually worth it to make war log available for public to view? Any clan who wants to keep there war streak can potentially do whatever it takes to keep the streak alive

  4. The Baby Dragon came straight from Clash Royale.

  5. Seriously just get a fkn microphone!!

  6. nice video

  7. 2nd, o shit waddup

  8. No