OneHive Labs VenomES Scrim + SC Announces “The end of modding?” | Clash of Clans

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  1. I like how you told modders to be careful at the end. lol.

  2. if supercell did do a special server for mods I guarantee they'd charge you to use it??

  3. Interesting perspective Wiser. I've never really played a lot of online games but you're right mods are perfectly fine in many games. But I just disagree when you say that there's nothing wrong with modding in clash either. As it has always been in CoC, mods are simply giving you an unfair advantage. It's still cheating, unless they have their own servers – and they don't. I have no huge problem with modders facing off against each other, but honestly, that's not the majority of its use. It all started as a way to gain an unfair advantage, and it still often is. I agree with you that it would be great if they had their own servers to do this. That'd be great. But only a minority of the modders really want those modded arranged wars – most use it just to win more and have easier wars. So I don't feel sorry for any of them – they were wrong and every single modding clan has often used mods to beat fairplay clans – simply because most wars aren't arranged.

  4. The can only have separate servers for clan wars, creating separate servers for bot farming would not fly.

  5. Streisand effect? I would rather sc seek out, warn, and ban individual modders, because modding is already against terms of service.

  6. Good comments about modding. Best I have heard yet I think. SC dropping the ball on this large segment of the player base
    DOTA was a custom WC3 map, and I believe a custom SC map was the first "MOBA"