OneHive Prime War Recap vs UltimateWarrior

The recap of the epic war between these two high lvl clans. Awesome job to both sides and hope you guys enjoy the 3 star action! Check out my Patreon page …


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  1. @theking attack, that was the 6th attack on JYPs base, so wasnt that easy of a 3 star lol @OneHive Raids

  2. Was a fantastic war against you guys. Very much enjoyed the last second carnage ! So close! Looking forward to the rematch

  3. could someone reccomend me good war clan, im th9, all lego and 15 lava walls,heros 13,10, max loons,hog,golems,lava,witch and doing valks,I only upgraded my ads,wiz towers and teslas, x bows lvl1.

  4. Aren't you guys warring barbarianparty(cams clan)?

  5. When is reddit alchemy recap coming out?

  6. Lol gotta go to prime to show a win ?

  7. We are waiting for Reddit Alchemy recap =)

  8. Jakeception.

  9. Prime power!!!!

  10. Man that's one of your best recaps in a while. Every one of these attacks was an all-star raid.

  11. I think Ben sent in those 3 hogs for the ad for the cc lure and to also take it out so the healers won't be harmed

  12. Cool video man!Keep up the good work!You are doing a very good work with YouTube!!!

  13. Great war jake, enjoyed it a lot btw money is a th9 not 9.5 iRuinedYou from UW

  14. I wonder how and why they 3 starred th10s but left 1 1starred

  15. Tell ultimatewarrior to come back to the reddit alliece clans 🙂 they left after this war 🙁 :(


  17. on it will do

  18. Onehive = Mod

  19. Man im ugly

  20. Amazing attacks as always. :)

  21. Great war to all involved – really enjoyed taking part in this one!

  22. Jake great war congratulations, I've been trying to learn a good 3* strategy I'm still fairly new th 9 lvl 3 golems, lvl 4 hogs max loons, any advice

  23. Sub to my channel

  24. nice video man !

  25. Notification squad rollup