OneHive vs Aura (Random) | Clash of Clans

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  1. Warningfail attacked a th10. I know cuz I'm him haha

  2. nice video man, i like that showing th10 attacks, I'm old subscriber of Jake, and you are also great like him, keep it up, i wish you the best

  3. great vid as usual. I know your clan mates are super talented so it would be realy good if you could post a strat u guys find for . the new ice wiz (th9) any time soon since they are time limited

  4. rip my ears

  5. great vid n to bad i suck at air attacks

  6. 12:20 my god, those loons. great attacks.

  7. Great video as usual Brutis, and you are right about the poison it effects dps but not the damage the queen puts out per shot.

  8. nines?

  9. nice win and awesome video but the volume was low.

  10. That intro music is too loud, it freaked me out ?