OneHive vs We Are Spartans (Random) | Clash of Clans

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  1. Another great video displaying OH's attacks (Furby's was my favorite this time), thanks Brutis! Love your input on state of game, attack comps, base design, why the attacker is doing something rather than what he is doing, etc. Way more important to talk about stuff like that than stuff we can see with our own eyes. Keep it up buddy!

  2. Atk of the war goes to neb IMO

  3. nice vid!

  4. Please check your channel messages. My bad on the late response

  5. See you next week. lol

  6. dam i love that sexy bitch attack so fun 2 watch witches

  7. nice ??

  8. and I thought Furby and Ferdy were different persons .. lol

  9. Hello


  11. well, nice video as usually. Perhaps you could do a video guide for th10 air raids in the upcoming videos. thank you ?

  12. Great channel content

  13. me too

  14. hii I'm new on this channel