OneHive War #223

A nice selection of TH10 and TH9 3 star attacks from our latest clan war in Clash of Clans. You are going to get to see several 3 star attack strategies including …


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  1. Ugh I'm having a hard time doing the GoHogs at th9?

  2. is that inigomontoya from streamerhouse?

  3. #13 named himself after one of the greatest farmers who are out there, inigomontoya from exploitation, a hardcore fairplay clan. i was lucky enough to be 3 months in that clan and damn he is unbelievable. and that dumbass brought shame to the name by having such a fucked up base-.-

  4. Atoma is a f*cking Beast!!! <3

  5. I thought you'd get a good laugh out of this if you haven't seen it yet

  6. i watch a lot of yt channels and i think this one is BEST

  7. Challenge for atoma619: Use at least one of every single troop (Except for Pekka, nobody likes Pekka).

  8. 8:19 Wall breakers for clean up!

  9. i rly wait for dat moment when onehive loses a war.????

  10. Quick question. What is the age limit in joining any of the OH family clans?

  11. Is onehive fanclub an official onehive clan?

  12. thanks alot Jake for the videos, I think iv seen most all of urs! just wanted to say that I finally broke away from my old clan where I was the only one trying new things and going for 3. I found an amazing far play 3 star specialist clan and am loving the game more then ever! thanks again!

  13. Ha! Dude I think Atoma must have watched my war recap on our war with Brothaz (ok, probably, definitely not) cause I took down that same base using almost the exact same comp (but did it in about 10 fewer steps lol). Still very similar. Great vid as always.

  14. I just notice for something weird – where the heroes' health bar (in the button u use the heroes' ability) on these attacks???????? I have it on my heroes but looks like there is nothing on theses attacks!! Wth!!!

  15. Hey so I am a lower TH 9 slowly working my way up, and I just stumbled onto your channel after completely failing a war attack because my Ipod died.(13% lavaloonian) So after being so pissed, I started looking up some of the better war bases for TH 9. Honestly though there are a lot of so called "Invincible" TH 9 war bases. So if somebody could please send me a link to a base that is very effective in war and the best all around, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!

  16. Sweg

  17. Hey Jake, thanks for the video. Question for you: Do you consider fair play to build xbows in prep day during an arranged war? same fot regular wars? what do you think about that?

  18. what you guys do when your heroes down do you sit out or use a troop to supplement king or queen being down?

  19. man i wish there was a way i could send you my war attack replays with lvl 6 and 7 aq and BK 3 starting bases with the same attacks you have taught me. For those out there with super low heros. Thankyou for teaching us! total game changer

  20. Hey Jake! Great Vid! I have a question. I am currently trying out for Genesis in "Step One", and it would really help if you made a Game Plan series for th8s, bc I find it kind of hard to identify th8 bases and what strat to use. It would help if I knew how to attack and when to attack with each strat. Thanks!