OneHive War #225 TH9 vs TH10 3 Stars

Some 3 star attacks from our latest war. Mostly a TH9 vs TH10 episode as the enemy clan had about 30 rushed TH10s with inferno towers. Hope you guys enjoy …


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  1. lol my army used to be 20 witches and a golem In the cc. XD

  2. We had a war with one hive before my clan is Small World they are good at war

  3. Hii, I am th8 maxed out troops 75percent skull walls. I'm trying to submit in the forums but I can not proceed further!

  4. Holy shit most clutch war ever came down to the last second????

    Hey jack what do you think?

  6. with the new poison spell and cc's having dragons now about 90% of the time (at least in my wars), penta laloon is pretty much dead i think 🙁 it was really OP though so maybe that's a good thing.

  7. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh amazing war . Clan with no donation in war and town halls are out . i hope we face them oneday 😀 but u did awesome job . Go on :D

  8. Hey Jake, Do you guys use GoGiWiWi for TH9 against TH10s? We have been being matched with the other clan having 2-4 more TH10s than us. Most are close to being maxed. Do you have a good 3 stratgey for that? We are using the GoGiWiWi and getting 2 stars. Any suggetions would appreciate it. McC0317 Centum Arena

  9. Jake, looking to try and get an arranged match with you once we have rebuilt. If we rebuild fully fast enough we might take you on for our 100th win! 

    Regards, Dtho12399- Semper Invicta Member

  10. Sweg

  11. I disagree. I would like to see some TH10's smash someones base. Maybe a new video series called "Butt whoopin's".

  12. The th9 vs th10 videos are the most helpful. Me an my clan watch ur videos all the time. Thanks for the help jake!

  13. Jake i had a 98% sometimes high heores and getting 2 air def isnt always good :(( Lava didnt pop but fortunatley i 3 starred second attack with a stoned surgical hog 😉 nice vid man your goin places

  14. Love your stuff as always. You inspired me to make a channel for our clan. It's no OneHive but it does give people a chance to see a midlevel clan with moderate heroes. Keep up the work! We will keep referencing our clanmates to your stuff.

  15. We have 3 town hall 10's, they have 39…. This should be interesting

  16. Good video Jake! Even if you guys weren't facing the most "challenging" bases, OH crushed this war. The only thing that came to mind with this war was "WOOOO". I don't have any idea though where I got it from (sarcasm)

  17. Jake I didn't know you're King was female. "Letting the King work her way in." hahaha

  18. "It's Jake from Statefarm reminding you guys to drive less."

  19. wow…incredible th 9..

  20. Jake how has the new troop selection update that came out today (8-24-15)