OneHive War #229

A selection of 3 star attacks from our latest clan war. You will see TH10 3 star GoLaLoon, as well as TH9 3 star attack strategies including queen walk, GoHo, …


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  1. +jajack ok thx but what type of defences wud I want the queen to take out while she takes out some trash buildings?

  2. +OneHive Raids ok thx that will help me alot bc I really wanna use a queen walk against some bases I c in war but idk how to use it or where to place…thx :)

  3. Just a quick question, how long does ur thumbnails take

  4. How do you arrange a war? Wouldnt the matchmaking make it next to impossible to get paired?

  5. Nice video as always Jake!

  6. Congrats on the win. Really enjoyed the lvl 11 AQ walk. I'm usually matched with similar bases with my lvl 12 so it gives me some ideas.

  7. how do you know where to place your queen on a queen walk?

  8. What can you bring for 42 (not 48) troop space to kill that much? Well, nothing and Ivan didn't either, he added his Queen! Nice attack though

  9. +OneHive AQ Healer walk Guide please

  10. join GUARDIANS MIST! high level and skilled th9&10 war clan. fun, friendly and competitive

  11. Really thanks for the video jake… im so pumped up to get my queen to lvl 10, and lava to 2

  12. hey Jake, interested in a war with "WTFBBQ"? We're a high lvl 3 star specialist clan with 175 wins 14 losses, all big fans of your vids too :)

  13. thanks for showing low level heroes :)

  14. Ck-Kratos (lvl.6)
    Ck-Demeter (lvl.6)
    Ck-Ares (lvl.7)

  15. But i think my Clan War Family is a Little bit better xD HaHa??

  16. Good Raids bro

  17. Hey jake, thanks for the great stuff, as always. One question: are you possibly overoptimistic about queenwalks? I am certain that in the case of the 5 healer walk, another strategy would have been faster and more effective. Yes, great raid! But possibly not because, but even though there was a heavy queenwalk. Secondly, your calculation in the last raid is somewhat off. No, you don't get 6-8 defenses for 48 troop spaces. That would be amazing. You get 6-8 defenses for 48 ts PLUS the queen, huge difference. Lets assume the queen as part of the main raid would do a wrecking job equivalent to 4 defenses. Then you get a marginal "revenue" of 2-4 defenses for the 48. Not so great anymore! Rather weak. Overall, I love queenwalks. But I see a tendency at one hive to do it for the show when other techniques, deployed with the enormous skill of the clan members, would be even more effective. Do you think that is a possibility? Or are you thoroughly convinced by queenwalks? Thanks!

  18. hey jake, can you do a vid on using witches? I have no idea how I cant seem to find a way to use them, im sure its simple but I know u know how to use em and it would help me out.

  19. I came here all excited to see THE MASTERS war recap and I see this.. Dafuq