OneHive War #230

A selection of 3 star attack strategies from our latest clan war. You will see TH10 3 star GoLaLoon, TH9 GoHo, Queen walk, and GoVaHo. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Make some super gowipe vids

  2. Does the King always walk so far away from his alter? he walks all the way acroos the base chasing the hogs!!

  3. nice..

  4. Great vid! especially like hell's attack. Hope we'll get our revenge on you guys in the future;)

  5. Another awesome vid jake I really learned a lot from this one….loving my redheads!

  6. my favorite war clan?

  7. Great attacks! thanks for all the tips you imply during the casting! make alot of difference to make people suck less =)

  8. Any one else notice at 8:53 how far the defending king strayed from his platform!? That's kinda rediculous

  9. th 9 doing 68% to th10…i could barely do 50% on that guy D:

  10. Nice video as always Jake!

  11. I subscribe and watch your videos to improve my clans performance, so far with great success. I am curious though – how do you arrange wars against a specific clan?…

  12. I thought of a pretty neat thing to do for better Defense. When placing the trash buildings in a base try to make them go around the base and a bit further from the TH. This will give you a chance of defending the TH when the only thing left for clean up are hogs gathered in one spot. Thy won't have any 'path' to go to the TH if it's not close to any trash. And a goo way to pull all the hogs in the same place is to put a tesla in the corner opposite to the queen side. It won't be triggered by the kill squad as often and if you already have some high HP buildings next to the queen, the hogs will have to work their way through the whole trash left and at the end the high Hp building. Sorry if it's not very clear, it's a bit hard to explain.

  13. Great job on all your videos Jake! By the way, there is an 8 and 8.5 scrimmage going on currently between two clans that include CH, EE, SB and some OH members. We are in prep day at the moment and I was wondering if you have the time to come and record some of the attacks. The attacks could feature in your elite-eights or simply showcasing some lower th9 raids. The clan that I am in is Squad Delta 🙂 You are welcome to join anytime. Thanks :)

  14. I try to watch ur vids but your voice just irritates me and I don't know why. No hate to you. You are a great clasher.


  16. Nice upload there, noticed the video quality looks different (as better) :)

  17. Keep up the good work , love watching your videos

  18. Does Onehive have any kids? Just wondering

  19. hey jake, i found a thing regarding to the new ninja live series..
    1. if a live attack does fail very sadly… the player becomes quite depressed too.. and if that live attack video is going to be watched by the world … its not unlikely that the attacker could be more depressed…

    btw, nice vid 🙂
    Ques. Is GoWiPe a 3 star attack strategy on th 8? is it is, i request a vid of it…

  20. Can someone tell me who T1grr is and what happened between him and OneHive?