OneHive War #242

An awesome selection of 3 star attacks from out latest war. Hope you guys enjoy these GoLaLoon, GoHo, GoVaHoLo and more. Join me on Bindle!


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  1. Congrats on clan level 8 Jake. One of the first ones I've seen was Rellik_War before the month began.

  2. That outro gave me Cancer

  3. proAros' attack should be called the GoLoWiGi :P

  4. It is great to find a clan that all use xmod

  5. Always nice to see a daily supply of pro CoC raids.. Got tired of the popular youtubers failing all day long :)

  6. I have to point something out: OneHive is a level 8 clan. Lost Phoenix is still level 6. Not trying to start a war, just noting… #3StarsWinWars

  7. +OneHive Raids nice video! Is there an other way to communicate with you guys or with 3 star specialist for th9? Bindle isn't working on my phone :/

  8. Nice video as always Jake!

  9. How does a clan get in hitchhiker ep?

  10. C&C question; have you heard of the new OP attack strat? It's HoLo with only jump and earthquakes. You use the earthquakes on the walls so the hogs can go through and jump for the balloons to get into the base. You shoud try it out and tell me how it turned out and what do you think of it.

  11. HeyJake, just tried out the Khal Drogo attacks on a simillar ring-liked open style base, I almost got it done 3stars but ended up 95% at last, It works out really really well, I replaced that heal with another rage for my loon, just not quite get it done maybe because of not enough of clean up troops or not ready for it, also maybe its because I dont have that heal, but who knows. After that I got a little slump and do a second different attack and got it 3 stars. Hope you will see my C&C question later. :)

  12. khal used that quake loon strat 2 or 3 times before it got ''popular'', he used some valks in those and 1 hound for backend AD

  13. Congrats roko on the thousand war hero. Love the GoVaHoLo. Nice vid jake. Keep it up. I keep 90% in war ?.

  14. I assume Hell always hits th10s cos he seems to always get the most heroic attack

  15. jake the max attack works on every base and its really op, you can fuck many things up and still get the 3 star

  16. man jake I just got into my first war as a th9 I'm currently an 8.5 did everything u said for 8.5 and my man I fuking wrecked the number 1 th9 player in the opposing clan everyone was like how the hell did u do that I was like goho attack and onehive school lol man my goal is to get 25 25 heroes and join onehive, when I got that 3 star on the number one first thing I thought was everything u have taught me from the videos thank u so much jake and as always bro have a great day stay safe bro

  17. Make a video on How to hunt …..pleasee ☺

  18. Your videos are simply awesome….keep up the good work ???

  19. Jake or anyone else please i need a serious help!
    I was in the gowipe rut before watching ur videos jake, but now i have changed my stance and have moved onto the three starring strats! At first i used to fail everytime and i was pissed. The fail was due to missing heroes abilities or nervousness or sometimes deploying wrong troops ( fat finger). But now after much practice i can three star 1/5 of my attacks! But the problem is that now i am a consistent 90+% attacker! I get 90% two star or one star everytime! It really pisses me off because now there are not much of mistakes! The lack of thee stars have cost us many losses in the clan and i usually get alot of criticism! whole of the clan goes for two stars except me and another th9! I am really fed up of all this and failing the clan over and over again and wanna leave and join a high level war clan! But the problem is that i am the leader and have created the clan with couple of my firends it has been almost 5-6 months now! Shoud i leave my clan and go to a hard core three starring war clan where i can learn and practice more often or stay here and keep on failing! Thanks for reading all this and for ur help!

  20. I think that attack is very OP. You should try it…and it works on each and every th9 base.