OneHive War #245

Some really nice 3 star attacks from our most recent clan war. Hope you guys enjoy the selection of TH9vsTH10, TH10 3 star, TH9 GoHo, Queen walk, and more.


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  1. I got a 98 percent two star on a TH 10 today in war thanks to all the things i learn from watching your channel. it wasnt a max th 10. but it had higher lvl defenses

  2. Jake i just saw a member from ur clan and when i saw ur base i was like omg?!?!?


  4. Do u think I would be able to get into a onehive feeder I'm a decent th8 lvl 81, with hogs lvl 3, minions lvl 2, and rest dark troops lvl 1 with loons and wiz lvl 5, and bk lvl 5?

  5. i see siddiqi won. they're prob gonna be the new onehive cx

  6. Sweg

  7. Jake, I have a great series idea. You make a Gmail or something to which we send our attack replays and you break them down and commentate them. What do you think? I think it could be tons of fun.

  8. Hey jake I know u must get this question lots but I recently join a new clan and we smashed it this war and I think u could get some sick replays for the channel the clan is called curmudgeons lvl7 war clan If u can't check us out I understand thanks and keep up the great vids

  9. Jake, on one of your past guest videos. what was the program you were using to draw up attacks interactively while talking to them.

  10. GG?? do u play dota 2 ??? hahaha just askin

  11. so i just found out about this youtube channel….heard alot of clashers about the clan but never check this channel until now….i think i can dig it…..ur vids are really informational, not doing this for the money and u sound like a heart to heart dude….?

  12. Hey man i found this channel when i was in the gowipe rut and went looking for new strategies. you've helped me heaps with attacks and base building and i think the quality of your videos on those is far above the majority out there, but the theory craft videos really seg you apart its something i haven't seen before and they address alot of the little issues that add up in peoples game. So cheers for uour work so far amd keep going.

  13. the max attack madness should stop…its not even that op…

  14. Thanks again, Jake. My fav channel on youtube.

    Question for the next Coffee and Clash. What strategy do you recommend a clan use in war: do you guys hit your mirror or do you pick a base that you think you can 3 star?


  15. Nice vid Jake, once again kicking ass in OH. And nice hit ju$t! Heck, nice hit everyone. Keep it up gl with Skyrim. Gonna be a pretty big war :P

  16. Cna i join u ? 🙂 im th9 almost maxed put i am a war fanatic :)

  17. new subscriber, I'm th9 and was struggling in wars with gowipe, goho, gowiwi and loons. learned a lot from you and one hive. keep it up man! great content, woooooooooooo!

  18. Jake I applied for onehive about 2 weeks ago… About 6 days ago I sent a message to see they lost my application and you assured they read it and I was probably borderline, just to wait a couple days. Now about a week later I still haven't gotten a response any advice?

  19. Jake thank you for putting out the How to pentalaloon ! I've recently been struggling in my clan to get three stars ( heros both level 11 ) and this war I managed to get 2 3 stars using pentalaloon !

  20. I just found out varjo's second account was in my clan. I was wondering how he knew so much about th9 attacks as a th8.