OneHive War #251 Kara Heroes War

Some really nice 3 star attacks from our arranged war with Kara Heroes. TH10 3 star GoLaLoon and GoHo, TH9 Queen walks, GoLaLoon, GoHo and more.


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  1. Is Snoop… gone?

  2. What would you recommend for war cc then? Currently most of my clan using Dragons and Loons and a few of our TH10s(including me) use Lava Hounds.

  3. where is snoop ryan, and greetings from Singapore :)

  4. Loving the vids Br keep it up

  5. It kind of makes me angry how good Armando is. Im a decent attacker but the constant swag spell while crushing a base is just silly :)

  6. nice outro

  7. It`s still Drogo with a "o" not a "a", but still a great video Jake ;). Keep it up man!

  8. The 3 star on their number 1 is familiar.
    KnightlyGaming had a video a few weeks ago where he was a guest in another clan and they face the same base design and brought the same attack to 3 star it. Lower defenses though.

    The video is called "Clash Of Clans – WARpolis Epic War!" and the attack starts at 1:20. ASAP probably saw that video because he brought exactly the same attack.

  9. the no1 th10 get 3 stared epic

  10. You know you're fucked when you get attacked by Armando

  11. coffee and clash question: Jake,what are your views on farming bots in Coc and do you think supercell would ban players that use them if they can detect it,some of us don't enjoy the farming part of Coc cause we don't have the time, gems(to boost troops) and its quite boring. thanks for the vids

  12. Great video!

  13. Nice war jake…….

  14. Fantastic war Jake!
    Hi from Italy! :)

  15. Do you guys know whether Reddit Royals is fairplay or not?

  16. Nice vid Jake.

  17. 4 spells is just too many. I wish

  18. I once had four swag archers. ;-)

  19. Clinical as usual ☺

  20. very good