OneHive War #319 TH10 and TH11 Almost 3 Star Edition

Some really nice almost TH10 and TH11 3 star attacks, plus a few actual 3 star attacks from our latest war. Hope you guys enjoy. Check out my Patreon page …


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  1. nice attacks :)

  2. Damn so close Tait, overall great video

  3. Jake great vid. I agree with what you said about th11 mass witch attacks. I didnt like seeing them because galadon and pat would always show them and they were all pretty much the same. It's the same with how gowipe was back in clash's early days

  4. 1 th9 attack shown? wish there were minimum 2

  5. That attack Megan did woulda been an easy 3 star with mass valks…..I'm telling you!

  6. Last time I won a race, I was a sperm :3

  7. you almost seemed disgusted that the th10 put a drag in there. isn't the whole point to through the attacker off.

  8. Megan mods no joke

  9. i almost got an almost 3 star on my last war, was a mass lvl 4 dragon attack (with 7 loons and 2 lavahounds)

  10. Im Early :O

  11. I think th11 need the extra 30 sec back otherwise a 3* isn't possible in my opinion

  12. great video Jake ?

  13. lol jake..We have a th11 3 starring max th11s(heroes and walls..fully maxed) every war now

  14. It's EKSKYOOZ ME not ACHOO ME! xD

  15. watch channel vallcheto coc for th 11 3 star attacks.

  16. 4th comment no way!

  17. Hey jake, great vid, loved the th10 3 stars

  18. extra 30s should be for th10 and up and th9 and below should only have 3m

  19. please watch my latest video CLASH MUSIC

  20. haha oraaytt!

  21. 1 walang kokontra