OneHive War #322 Reddit Omega War

A selection of 3 star attacks from our latest arranged matchup. Hope you guys enjoy the TH10 and TH9 action. Also tune in later today for a special TH10 3 star …


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  1. Disels attack was best. Such a cool tactic :)

  2. Could part of the problem be that a lot of 10s in OH are still using laloon even though govaho is probably a bit better?

  3. In different attacks people is Giants for tanks or golems for tanks how do you decide which one to use? Or what layout/situation is good for a specific one

  4. Yeah my boys in Omega winning 😀 Go Reddit

  5. Onehive and North Remembers should combine their th10/Th11s to do high level scrims. Sinners Demise from NR is the best TH10 attacker I've seen. Th9 needs to be phased out of arranged scrims. There are people in my clan with 15/15 royals who steamroll maxed th9s almost every single war.

  6. The attack made by Master Weet, wouldn't it have been better to zap over the clan castle? I mean, you'll get rid of an inferno, the cc, as and possibly the King will lose some health.

  7. My heroes are both 20 and I have max th9 troops. How do you know if you can take less healers on queen walk raids? I generally take 4 to be safe along with a rage.

  8. That giant healer attack is risky because of spring traps. I wouldn't want to do it unless it's a clean up.

  9. Lol OH win an arranged wars and people scream closet modders… They lose and people say get your act together. People need to chill

  10. Why are OneHive losing so much in arranged wars? What's the reason? Good video Jake keep it up bud

  11. Aye another RWCS clan

  12. Jake, how about showing some bowler attacks y'all are using during war

  13. I guess OH isn't as good as everyone thought…

  14. one of the best episodes. so many different attack styles, liked it

  15. They lost Garske snip holybuck cheetum

  16. Lol yeah

  17. I guess OH will never win an arranged war anymore :

  18. Damn!!! what's going on with Onehive !!! you guys need to start recruiting some good th10 attackers you guys losing an arranged wars alot than you used to be, figure it out you fucks !!

  19. Sees a new OH Video
    Skips a million loot raid
    Watches the vid

  20. what is the point of a dead space? it just seems to make it easier to go in a clockwise/anti clockwise motion to clear the base up

  21. I'm noticing a pattern with attacking dead zone bases where the strat is to clean as you go around the base

  22. why do you make arranged war with a disadvantage I believe you had 2 th11 and reddit omega had three of wrong then forget what I said XD

  23. tough luk

  24. that description… townhall 10 is not the max man…. ;)

  25. math is hard..haha..

  26. Have these arranged war losses made your random wars worse in quality, due to the win streak match factor?

  27. Finding war clan. 15/17 heroes 66k ww mostly max th9 troops. Reply if recruiting (ign: lam0503)

  28. W♎♎♎♎♎♎♎♎