OneHive War #336

A selection of 3 star attacks from our latest war plus the announcement of this weekend’s arranged war that I think you guys will be hyped about! Hope you enjoy.


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  1. what happened to elite 8s jake, this is betrayal

  2. OneHive will be the best war clan, all those cheater clan have lost their mods lol!

  3. That little "ghetto bomb set" lolol

  4. coc is destroyed one-way attack valks hmm

  5. what on earth are "arrange wars" how can u choose which clan to war with how is it possible all i know is that just hit the search button and it will match u up with a random clan

  6. haha two classic quotes man, "that's not actually a base design, that's just a square with all your stuff in it," and "something something ghetto dbl giant bomb"

  7. awesome vid Jake!

    Side note: Hello fellow clashers. Are you looking for a 24/7 fair-play war clan made up of 3 star experts? Then WTFBBQ is the right place for you. WTFBBQ is a level 10 adult clan that offers a unique environment of a hardcore 3 star war clan while having fun playing the game we love. WTFBBQ is a fit for any personality, whether you are the type of person to joke around on prep day before kicking ass on war day, or you want to go over attack plans with other members for hours. What unites all of us is our desire and ability to 3 star bases.

    *About WTFBBQ*

    WTFBBQ is a top fair-play war clan that is comprised of mostly of Town Hall 9s with 7-8 Town Hall 10s and a couple of Town Hall 8s (we usually run a 30v30 war). We have an outstanding war record of 285-38-5 and 150-6-2 in 2015.. We are a proud member of Digital Warlords Associated, aka D.W.A., which is an alliance of 11 elite fair-play war clans that include FYSB, Spartans Legacy, and Warpocalypse. The main goal of WTFBBQ is to help each other improve.

    *Application Process*

    WTFBBQ does not have a lengthy application process, but we do require new members who do not yet meet the requirements below or are not yet proficient in 3 star attack strats to go to our feeder clan (WTFBBQ smoke) for a tryout and/or until the minimum requirements are met. In-game applications are allowed. However, if you demonstrate a noticeable inability to 3 star, you will be asked to temporarily join the feeder clan in order to work on your skills. WTFBBQ is only looking for consistent 3 star attackers on bases at or above their base level that meet the following requirements.

    side not: don't forget to mention that Otto sent you in the request message 🙂

    *Town Hall 8 Requirements*

    Level 4 Hogs

    Level 5 Heal Spells

    Level 5+ Barbarian King

    *Town Hall 8.5/Early Town Hall 9 Requirements*

    Max Hogs, or level 2 Lava Hound and max Balloons

    Level 2+ Golem

    Level 10+Barbarian King, Level 5+ Archer Queen

    *Mid Town Hall 9 Requirements*

    Max Hogs, or level 2 Lava Hound and max Balloons

    Max Spells for Town Hall 9

    Level 3+ Golem

    Combined hero levels: 20+

    *Max/Near Max Town Hall 9 Requirements*

    Max Hogs, level 2 Lava Hound, and max Balloons

    Max Spells for Town Hall 9

    Level 4 Golem

    Valks 3+

    Combined hero levels: 30+

  8. i have 30/26 royals as a th10 and 3* maxed open base designs… and not as a clean up. i love ur vids but we all know that with these valks it isnt difficult to 3* or 2* and 11.

  9. J

  10. guys we're a new war clan and we need some members non rushed, 3 star attackers, th7 +. clan name: Grandma'sFinest lvl 2

  11. I miss the th9 Attacks..

  12. 04:14 Jake has British roots

  13. Hey jake do you think theyll add more clan levels? I know not everybody is at lv 10 now, but still do you think they would do something like that soon?

  14. C&C: Hey Jake, I am a fairly new th 9 going 8.75, any tips?

  15. 2nd comment!

  16. Great Vid 🙂 <3