OneHive War #342 War Whales War

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  1. need a ninja live in my life ?

  2. Does the poison spell deactivate the baby dragons rage?

  3. Caught the last 40 minutes on Twitch after really wanting to watch the WHF war the weekend before. The look on your face after it was over said it all. Really appreciate everything you do for the community Jake. Our little clan has come a long way because of this channel specifically. Thanks!

  4. Holy buck in war whales? Wasent he always in OH?

  5. Jake u should really check out my clan called Coc Blockers lv10…our th11s do bowler attacks and actually 3 star other th11s

  6. Sweg

  7. man i was just thinking i havent seen suicide drags in a while. btw wheres armando?

  8. Shout out to Megan Mo Money! Keep up the great work! Great war OH, thnx for the videos really help.

  9. Fake Jake lol

  10. Hey I applied on Friday for a OneHive clan. Is there an amount of days they can get back to me ?

  11. #13 at 10:21

  12. anyone else notice holybuck in ww

  13. I didn't know you were streaming the war when I got the twitch alert you were streaming vain glory:,*(

  14. lol, coincidence that onehives matches war whales now and not a month ago, when oh struggled a lot and ww was just killing it.
    a month ago, they would have destroyed you, but they have lost a lot of good players.

  15. is he not in war?

  16. how do I watch the live stream?

  17. +OneHive Raids how do I find the live streams?

  18. When are you dropping your th10 defenses?

  19. LOL check out that max lavahound at 14:07 dodge that sweeper like the matrix XD

  20. OneHive is killing it recently. What does it take to take the title of "best Fair Play clan" out there?

  21. selling a maxed th9 acc for info skype lightblade16

  22. one of the best recaps ive watched in a while from your channel – nice job

  23. great war guys and nice recap Jake

  24. Hey Jake, I am still a big fan of your videos. Just want to ask you, don´t you think you can focus more on th10 and th11 ? Most of your attacks are for th9. As a maxed th10 with maxed heros working on walls and on new stuff, I would love to see more of th10 and 11 action. Otherwise, great job!

  25. hi jake, i'm in th9 AQ lvl 25, the question is, i'm doin a QW, which is necessary, 3 healers or 4 healers? tq

  26. looks like twitch is paying a lot XD

  27. there should be a clan where all the players' name is jake! hahaha

  28. U have a boring thumb nail

  29. This was a crazy war, both clans were awesome fighters. My two favorite FPC clans facing off :)

  30. How did duche wall breakers go to compartment with nothing in it?

  31. At 9:08 why did the Baby Dragon lose its rage? There were no other air troops near it.

  32. now beat PwC

  33. Fake Jake makes rakes and bakes cakes. Fake Jake likes Drake. Drake makes Fake Jake shake. Fake Jake fell in the lake. For goodness sake.

  34. was at the stream! love these wars jake keep it up!

  35. подпишитесь на мой канал)

  36. Nice Video by OH

  37. ???

  38. earlier than the notification! green wall OH!

  39. I m the first

  40. One of the best wars I've spectated in a while, great job OH?

  41. lit

  42. nice vid again!!!