P E K K A Pre Update Review | Balancing Changes | Clash of Clans

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  1. a lot of work into this video. nice job!

  2. Have you already made a video of HPBB? I wanted to try it but failed hard…

  3. So they must be stronger

  4. More pekkas left after the last raid

  5. Why are all these th9 war bases so weird , I try to make these kinds of bases in th8 but it don't work lol th9 is awesome


  7. Hopefully LavaLoon gets better. Air attacks all the way!

  8. Jo, how do you think this update impacts Town Hall 9s and lower? Some AQ upgrades, as well as Hog upgrades, have become cheaper, so slightly easier DE grind at TH9?

  9. I'm loving that new intro! that is too cool

  10. don't really see any change

  11. Second

  12. dude! that barb roar scared the crap outta me! love it!