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  1. Those archer towers back then looked so different

  2. The barbarian’s eye are moving

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  4. This video came out in November 2013, how come I saw an archer tower level

  5. Ss

  6. Clan : Ausländer007 

  7. At 0:11 the archer tower is weird

  8. Wall cost waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy down plz

  9. who doesnt play now

  10. Last two years the clash of clans have to cost money?

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  12. LOL

  13. I loveclash

  14. Coughs cough untill the app purchases come in

  15. Yhup, truculent is a really real word. It’s like relating to yer feral
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  16. That. Was Weard

  17. Blench. You know, tremulous quivering, or like when yer full of
    apprehensive trepidation.

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  22. Nice and short :)

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  24. Pause at 0:12 look at archer towers they wernt out at that time