Poison Spell vs Th10 – Gemming The Dark Spell Factory – Let’s Play – Clash Of Clans

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  1. Keep it up +gadi hh will go up to masters I think now now I need DE!

  2. Dark spell Phuctory. 

  3. your 607 clan war stars at your profile are so fucking awsome bro

  4. Awesome video Gadi, exactly what I was looking for. It's just amazing how much loot one can get up here. I like how you showed the time frame it took to get the loot needed. Also wise gemming, because this is the perfect time to do it to get the maximum out of the new strategies with the new spells, etc. Am starting to find more and more bases to snipe the higher I push the more bases I get (probably you were taking a break at that time, haha). I also agree with you for the time being that poison spell is the one we are going to benefit the most, especially at th9. Thanks again buddy! This is why this is my favorite coc channel.

  5. EQ kills walls well so if you're using gowiwi type armies and going against bases with lots of intersecting walls it can open large areas of the base up. Very useful for ground attacks IMO.

  6. walls are treated differently …EQ always does the same % to walls!!BUT not to def buildings..defense bulding is the remaining HP counted

  7. gadi, I think EQ spell takes a % of remaining building health, so your example of using it to finish the TH wouldn't work.    I think it might be good if someone has a wall that is along multiple compartments…and you can get the EQ coverage on multiple wall compartments to weaken…maybe a cheaper less effective jump….

  8. Is it just me or is no one else finding any loot in silver league im town hall 9 and farm alot after this new update i cant find much loot at all any ideas?

  9. Btw show more of this content! Keep it up!

  10. Language doesn't increase the chance to gain more loot, it just change the language and not the server.

  11. Thanks for the vid. What software do you use to play on PC?

  12. I think you said "Dark Spell Fucktory" :)