Q2BT1C Pt. 11 – Back on Track

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  1. nice vid

  2. lol

  3. janet his feeder is relentless 2

  4. Thanks

  5. hey c;ashoflcans247 i have the answer for you, i was thinking the same when
    i was 100% max th8 i only got to 2478 u might be able to get to master but
    ill have to put in alot of hours barbs and archer wont work dont do that
    much dms and u only have 200 spots

  6. Can I join ur clan

  7. more videos (-;

  8. i need to farm so i left your clan and i am sad that i left. i might not be
    important to your clan but your clan is important to me! so im not joining
    your feeder and plan on joining other clans until im good 🙂 but i just
    hope there is a spot left for me….. i can only hope

  9. Can u give me suggestions on my base??? Name: King Moobs.

  10. Nice

  11. I’m going to make a push for champions with barbs/archers at th9 without
    spell boost mite be tough but i think i can make it haha, good base design

  12. Awsome defense man

  13. Clan: Milkaholics

  14. My cousins base is maxed hes 16 he got to champions and he said if anyone
    made it with tier 1 troops he’d faint he said you need your heroes always
    alive and and a fresh army every hour atleast by using gems so you can get
    on and get more trophies but then he dropped to farm and went back up using
    barbs and archers he he said it took him 3 months from master 1 to champ if
    you can beat i would be amazed

  15. I want to join your clan so bad im th8

  16. 😀

  17. What’s the feeder name?

  18. How do you choose what kind of bases to attack? Normally how long it take
    for u to find a suitable base to raid? Can you do a video to show us? Your
    videos and strategies r great! Thanks! !

  19. Question: im almost a fully maxed out th 8 except for walls everything else
    is maxed. Just using barbs and archers do you think i could get to masters?
    A reply would be appreciated 🙂

  20. New vid cam

  21. Hey! I was quoted 🙂