Queen POP LaLoon. Air vs Spread Bases. TH9 Best 3 Star attack. Clash of Clans

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  1. Will this work against level 30 queen?

  2. why not using a skeleton spell to distract and kill enemy aq

  3. Best air att

  4. Blast you are just a badass!!

  5. Cast n Blast pls make a video regarding queen pop laloon without archer queen. because im having problem with the lure. thanks!

  6. I really wanna get good at this attack :/

  7. "Hounds across the face of the defense", is the best advice I ever got for air attacks, lol.

  8. SHE GONE !!!

  9. awesome bro…..

  10. Bottom line this attack is the best to use at th 9. One thing id ask tho cast is can we see some th 10 attacks yet??

  11. I suck with this attack. End of story.

  12. Wow so goodness tracks n

  13. Killing it homie – DPants

  14. Can't stop the pop

  15. That second base. I just thought you will lure cc from north and yess you just did that. Im really addicted with this attack tho. But my clanmate never give me attack higher base.

  16. You're he best at this. I'm finally getting lvl6 balloons, I'll be doing this attack then! Been Using hogs, nice to switch it up

  17. I've been using queen pop and have been three starring. Introduced it to new clan mates and they love it too!

  18. I'm this kind of fan that I turned on notifications for your channel.

  19. hi