Queen POP LaLoon. Best TH9 Air 3 Star Strategy | Update | Clash of Clans War

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  1. Love the Queen Pop CastnBlast! Many thanks for sharing, you've been a great help to me and my clan!

  2. Hey cast, I told you I was gonna watch all your videos haha… Well been uninterested in Clash for a while now, but still been getting your notifications. I guess now is the time I turn them off and say goodbye! So goodbye! thanks for helping me in my Clash years, if I ever get back into Clash, you are the first channel I will visit.

  3. very few bases are available to do LavaLoon accept it LavaLoon is died ???

  4. As a side note, if you have 20-20+ heroes, don't underestimate the power of them. They can take out certain portions of bases by themselves before laloon begins, so it's something to consider.

  5. It's only engineered if it's either defenseless or if most defenses are 2 levels below what you get on the current town hall. Less than that, such as th9 with th8 defences & no xbows is a th8.5. Likewise, a th10 with th9 defenses & no infernos so that would be th9.5. Although you could war without going by the 0.5 system, the war weights would bring harder matchups. At th9 if you have xbows, I consider it having 3 tiers; low, midlevel & high (all 3 correspond to respective hero & xbow levels). You can upgrade defenses, but the best way to do so is slightly slower than troop upgrades, that way you have more time to practice heavier bases as you upgrade.

  6. I don't see engineered bases here..

  7. Nice video. Again, queen pop rules like 95% of th9 bases. Recently we were mismatched with their #1 having both lv 30 king and queen and maxed walls. I couldn't for sure execute a ground attack because his wall too high so I had no choice but to use queen pop. And somehow I managed to get 3 stars on the #1 and the #2, both had anti 3 bases with the outside tesla trap, target and win the war. Next up, witch slap for me. I'm practicing govaho too. It's good to know lots of strategies because there is different base layouts. I'm pretty solid with govape (golem valk wiz pekka) and I use those on bases I can't laloon (such as noflyzone bases). The key to laloon is TRIANGULATION. With this being said, form a triangle (no shit its gonna be invisible) with three air defenses and make sure the triangle (invisible) isn't too small. This way your hounds can travel the distance and can pop faster. If the triangle is too small the AD's will all strike and the hounds will be screwed. Let hounds soak some damage a little, maybe like two or three seconds, but not too much because then they will pop and lv 7 wiz towers one shot pups. So keep in mind how big the triangulation is and make sure you use the RAGE last because the loons and pups should be raged to kill the queen. On either the first or second set of loons the haste spell should be used. For me I use the asian wall like Rocky (Clash Bashing) uses where you put a couple loons then drop a hound, couple of loons then a hound again. Then same for the second AD. Two on one AD, people screw up this attack because they put all their hounds on one AD; it doesn't work like that. The splash will give them damage so make sure they are spread out. And after the main execution and spells always save like 2 balloons for the end so you can break an archer tower that is dangling outside base while is distract on other loons. I'm teaching my clanmates to use queen pop too, which is how we win most of our wars, although I always have to clean up. Thanks again castnblast! I do have a bit of trouble queen popping no fly zone bases with the AD's all in one section of base. And hard cc pulls I strongly dislike using the haste spell to lure because I like to use all my spells on the hounds and loons. But for noflyzones, I use govaho or govape on those. Maybe a newer tutorial can help me with those noflyzones. Maybe I should visit your clan and see how you guys execute so I can learn better. In addition, do you go to University of Arizona it says home of University of Arizona?

  8. i was talking to a dude on discord the other night and he didnt know what queen pop laloon was, i was shocked and i promptly got him a link to your channel so he could learn from the master.?

  9. engineered bases, as in defenseless high town hall level bases I can see being aggravating. But .5 bases are simply the logical way to upgrade. My base is a 9.5. I am working on it and will max it eventually, but upgrading the offensive power a little ahead of the defenses just is the way to do it. I really dont understand why this is frustrating. And I want to war while I am upgrading, so being a .5 will have to do while the upgrades continue. I would think this would apply to most other clans as well.

  10. Well, do a LaLoon Queen Pop without using your heroes…

  11. What emulator do you use?

  12. Great coverage of Queen POP! Love getting the feedback on loons.

    Please don't start putting Brawl Stars on your channel. Already had to unsubscribe from PB since he switched to all BS coverage.

  13. Engineered bases are like the Dominican "kid" little league player that lied about his age on his birth certificate so he could take advantage of the younger kids

  14. 8:00 how is maxing your queen engineering? It's smart upgrading and a shit ton of farming, he's maxing his th9 so no engineering at all

  15. Also, the level 24 queen on their 23 base was not an example of engineering. He appeared to be maxing out his th9. This should be encouraged. Now when you get to th11 opponents w no xbows or infernos and max heroes and troops, you have a legitimate complaint!

  16. Long-time subscribers will remember that CNB created the Queen Pop attack before loons got their buff. With all the non-air buffs, air is basically back to where it was over a year ago. Engineering is still an issue. It would be an easy fix if SC would either weight all townhalls at the max defensive level of the previous townhall (all th10 would be rated a minimum of a max th9, etc…) or simply change the formula to give more weight to offense than defense.

    I have seen a couple of guys in your clan (second attack this video) make a basic mistake on their queen pops. Any time a queen is unprotected, she should be killed with your king. I cannot think of a possible scenario that would be beneficial to leaving her alive to be killed by air troops. He still rocked his attack, but with all of the things that can go wrong on attacks, not trading your king for enemy queen is a fundamental mistake.

    Keep the videos coming! I have been enjoying the th10 content. How long can you stay th9?

  17. On the first attack when the guy placed the Lightning on the AD I thought he put the lightning on the cc troops like we had to waaaayyyyy back before poison came out lmao

  18. Engineering!
    Try throwing out the engineered base from your side, should get fairer matchups.
    Worked for us

  19. Engineered bases piss me off. Am constantly on to supercell about it.

  20. We also lost some wars against such engineered clans.Hope supercell will fix this issue.The war matchup should be accurate on the player levels not just on defence weight.

  21. So much engineering hate from CnB! Coming from the guy who had a defenseless TH9 queen pop account? (yes, I'm a long-time subscriber). Regardless, I will be very surprised if SC does anything more about engineering.

  22. Another great queenpop video! It will never die… best wishes from bond ☺

  23. I am the the top player in my clan in war roster and we always win by one start as I do 6 pack. guess what I use quuen pop who said its dead. but have to say learned from u cast. Thanks

  24. no, it's not dead but there are strategies more valible

  25. Omg nice! you vs Camaros clan?? Hes a big yt

  26. i am big fans of your channel .. your laloon is best laoon attack .. plz uplode witchshlap , hghb , quadlaloon , mass valkry more videos plzzzzzzz

  27. I use a similar army to this in my video where I'm pushing to titans

  28. 1st