Queen Walk & Bowler Walk TH10 3 STAR | Post October 2016 Update Strategy

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  1. I've only went to 10 a couple months ago and have been trying to figure out how to be effective in war, and your channel has some extremely helpful stuff! I'll definitely be subscribed for more content.

  2. I 3 stared a th8 with level one dragons, I'm th7. I think that is pretty good, any tips on more dragon attacks, and did I just get lucky?

  3. could you show some th 8 attacks as well?

  4. Nice vid. The second attack was solid too. The difference is that it was a max th10. Look through online war logs, Th10 vs. max Th10 is only Avg around an 8% three-star ratio right now.

  5. contuedo de th10 eh sempre bom

  6. nice vedio as always

  7. Good job dude!