Queen Walk VALKYRIE is BACK!? TH9 SUPER STRONG War Attack Strategy 2017 | Clash of Clans

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  1. This strategy still dominates without a doubt! VALKYRIES ARE OP! Make sure to make a good funnel for your valkyries to head to the heart of the base!!!

    PS- Simply Unstoppable…

  2. #Cruz. My queen is of level 21 ?? will it work in the same way as you showed?? #love_your_videos

  3. What is the minimum level of the queen we need to use this strategy.

  4. How do u know from where to co,e cuz? Btw ur vide are gr8.. A new sub

  5. Tnx for ur videos

  6. cruz buddy one thing is sure this would not work if the cc is in the centre and it's impossible reach out there

  7. hi guys

  8. What's in the c c? You should show the end of attack so we can see c c.

  9. wiz byilder

  10. Nice job bro, love your videos!


  12. ???

  13. my queen level 18! is it ok for this strategy against max thl 9?

  14. can i do without king?

  15. NiceVideo dude! Keep it up. Post more three star war attack strategies in the future. Thanks 🙂

  16. nice strategy

  17. If our queen is not of lvl 30 and it will be of 14 then what to do PL TELL MAN

  18. 22 lvl queen is ok

  19. This attacks are never gone

  20. Lovely

  21. Thanks for good video..You best youtuber <3….Good luck…