RAGE QUITTING! LIVE FAILS! – TH10 Pushing – Clash of Clans – Laloonion Trophy Pushing

  1. Rip the Dream

  2. rip the dreams

  3. Hey man u just rejected me i was blaze and i have subscribed Ur channel

  4. Lavaloonion do not work better use bowler

  5. I have problem, the time on my next loot at builder base stopped at 7hrs59mins. and it doesnt move. I cannot do the Builder base loot event every 8hrs.

  6. Do new update

  7. If that makes sense

  8. Seeing you get to legends as a th8 really puts th10 makes th 10 fails easy to recover

  9. Clash bashingm…. I m new th 9 can i join ur clan please

  10. let us see ur daughter <3 keep up the amazing work!

  11. Nice one rocky

  12. I saw RAGE QUITTING and i instantly clicked on the video.

  13. Lol i know the feeling bro 🙁

  14. I love your videos, fantastic??

  15. I feel your pain brother……. you're the shit man….. you will get em back.

  16. be honest everyone wanted to see rocky raging lol jk I love rocky no homo

  17. Hi

  18. You the man!!!! You will get them back. Must be the day I put my tablet down

  19. good video men

  20. 1

  21. Early bitchassss

  22. Sup rocky

  23. Hi rocky

  24. Great!!

  25. Nice vid