RANDOM MODE OP? Clash of Clans | CoC |

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  2. Yeah more balance update is that what you mean galydon, yeah more balance update and more people will stop playing and leave this game

  3. True clash of clans player appreciate it

  4. I quit clash of clans I used to play it for 2 years non stop I was like "I'll never quit this game" and here I am now quitted it and I WILL not play it again just because of how the storyline is

    What storyline you may ask?


  5. its probably a bit op with the random army combinations, the infernos maybe need a buff

  6. dear Galadon plz make better videos that have a point thank you

  7. Can we get 2 game modes?….easy and competitive?…. let the clan choose what kind of wars they want?

  8. Cool gaming galadon

  9. Anyone remember farming, good times.

  10. It's the queen that's OP.

  11. I believe i all about the heroes i got max troop but my heroes are crap and I have hard time getting a 2*

  12. galadon op

  13. More builder base please ?

  14. This video is pointles becous i use only goblins who needs trophies if you can have LOOT ?? Eweryone is using stupid strategys trying to get 50% when all you need is goblins


  16. Play boom beach

  17. Hey can we talk please?

  18. I bet the town hall 12 will take another 2 months…Supercell does it everytime

  19. I beg your pardon, Galadon, but my TH 10 in Legends struggles enough with maxed out TH 11 bases so with due respect your theory is bunk. Granted you say max 11v11 but bases are tuned enough.

  20. Nice video but one question why you gone back to titan from legendary league plz try to get no 1 place in coc plz

  21. CoC 'is dying .??.EVERYTHING'S changes with time.

  22. Gallydon!! Gallydon!!!

  23. Sir I have an idea. How about clan achievements? it would help us to level up faster.

  24. Is Still COC Going??? NEED A GOD MODE UPDATE! ! IT MUST BE A BIG CHANGE…What you guys say???

  25. I really wish that COC would allow us to do some customization when trying to set up a war. Even if it would only be a friendly War. I would love to see a hard mode or something of the sort. Are an option that would allow us to specify if we wanted giant bombs to do extra damage to Hog Riders, hidden Tesla's to do extra damage to Pekka's, or for The Inferno Towers to negate all healing being done to any Troop that is being hit by that Inferno Tower.
    In terms of a friendly War, if the opposing plan didn't accept their proposal for a friendly War, they could counter with their own terms. This would not be limited to, limiting are completely eliminating the use of certain troops.
    I would love to see something like this implemented…..

  26. I suggest, give infernoes a buff & their anti heal "ability" back, as well as a new level to the eagle artillery, that should balance the "top" players, attacking style.

    Like if you agree, so hopefully galadon can see and hopefully respond.

  27. WOW

  28. I agree offense is way too powerful!!! Stop by and see us sometime at fallen kings.

  29. I was 40th to like

  30. Galadon: Offense is OP!

    proceeds to two star



  31. Fellow tere baab good gladon