Random War #24 | Clash of Clans

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  3. Ese Clan no se ve tannnnn malo !!
    Necesito Ver Clanes MALO MALO MALO por Favor // Saludo MIguel

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  8. jajaj yo tengo th8.5 heroes 30-30 muros al maximo y en titan …osea nunca me dejarian entrar a rayo hibrido? :(

  9. Reclutando gente seria. Mayores de 25 años. De las últimas 50 guerras, 75% ganadas. AMUNT VALENCIA! #9UJQQ0L0

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  12. La gente sigue jugando esto?

  13. venga a leyendaa, queremos ver como ataacas por copas!!! buen vídeo miguel

  14. "El lider se a muerto y no puede echar a nadie" jajajajajaja

  15. Ver la randon war me hace sentir el puto amo de clash of Clans .

  16. Ground vs Air Livestream
    The next update is in the works and while getting ready for sneak peeks, we’re also preparing a livestream around the new features and content!

    It won’t be just about the update – let’s also have a little bit of fun and see which one will be stronger – Ground or Air! While only ground troops or only air troops might not be your usual army composition, neither will this be a normal Clan War. Yes, it’s time for a Friendly War!

    Ground vs Air livestream coming on October 9th at 3pm UTC!

    Ground vs Air Friendly War rules
    On the Ground vs Air livestream everyone will play on maxed out Town Hall 11 accounts provided by us. Both teams have 5 players and they’re allowed to use ONLY ground or air troops + Heroes and Spells. Also Clan Castle troops have to be only ground or air.

    Players in Ground and Air teams are from different areas of the Clash community: they are forumers, veteran Clashers, YouTubers and established community leaders from 7 different countries:

    Ground team
    MPWonder (Sweden)
    LachNessMeownster (Australia)
    LordOliver (Sweden)
    RageCool (Norway)
    SlimJim (Norway)

    Air team
    Tovrleaf (Finland)
    Superfinch30 (UK)
    Clash com Nery (Brazil)
    LordVal (France)
    Judo Sloth (UK)

    Let’s see what happens when this group of established Clashers gets thrown into the middle of the next update Livestream will be hosted by Chief Pat and Galadon and attack replays will be analyzed by PowerBang.

    Stay tuned for more livestream info and Clash On!


    traduce puto amo jajajajajajajjajaja

  17. Sube Vainglory porfa.

  18. Según estudios de Harvard, la exposición continuada a Random Wars puede producir fuertes jaquecas.

  19. Cuando haces Vuestros Ataques Clash of Clans?

  20. Sigue asi miguel yo te apoyo

  21. La random war tiene un color especial!

  22. Buen video un saludo miguel :)

  23. señor berenjeno.. usted es mi youtuber favorito… :'v

  24. Saludos desde Nicaragua :3

  25. Hola nenas :v

  26. saludos desde México miguel