RECORD FASTEST 3-Star on a Maxed Base, EVER? Clash of Clans Strategy!

  1. Hey plz make a live stream please

  2. There are 14 reliable strategies : Barbarian rush + back door barbarian + cc with barbs + cc with giants + giants penetration + sneaky archers + dbds + all minions + bd with minions + mass withes + mitch + mitch with bd + drop minnions + full air ( 1 camp of all air troops ) …. and no other compose can get u a victory

  3. I love u r videos

  4. every body in this vid be using itzus base

  5. Galadon, I made a 3 star attack in 54 seconds with the same attack strategy used in this video against an almost maxed out bh7 (except for crushers and walls). But the problem is that I don't know how to share that replay to you (I can record it).

  6. in my clan one player did 3 star in 57sec

  7. Unseless…not is récord..

  8. Cool vid bro

  9. The second base was the same just made like this that we get tricked

  10. you pronunced tronco di capra almost good
    gg galadon

  11. The number of possible combinations of 9 things taken 5 at a time where order is not important is 9C5 = 126.

  12. Good video, clash of clans is amazing!

  13. It was 61 seconds! lol

  14. the best is 47 seconds on full maxed base accept walls

  15. See here guys I have made logo like Galadon Gaming?
    Love your videos man??

    world record already there better than your attack ….


  18. Hey buddy …. This strategy is vary vary effective …..tq

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  20. I am a new YouTuber, and need some help…. so far nobody has watched it. I'm currently uploading vid #2, so if y'all can go check that out that'd be sweet. And gally, can you pin the comment or something? Just to help it out a bit. Support from a guy like you would be amazing.

  21. what about Barb, Giants, Bombers. I get average 70% 2 stars on all bases


  23. CC OP if you know how to use them ????

  24. My new strategi bababa

  25. great attacks…appreciate?

  26. 126 different troop options () – bc order doesn’t matter – called a combination since order doesn’t matter

  27. ty by Borderline

  28. Ho Bro,i’m tre leader of tronco di capra….borderline is op

  29. I subscribed u galadon tnx 4 the vid

  30. Lol guys that man are attacks sooooo brilliant and genius

  31. creepy music

  32. Whose here before 11k views

  33. Best strategy for me 1 camp giants 1 camp raged barbarinas 1 camp canon carts + 6 baby dg try it

  34. Why tf you still supporting builder base?

  35. Bro plz next time make video for barb. Attck eith gaint

  36. is galadon and peter 17$ same person?

  37. That cannon cart pathing at the end of the last replay though, might have easily lost us the match…
    Edit: or targeting rather

  38. 59,049 troops combinations considering you have 5 army camps. ?

  39. One strategy is archers and baby dragon

  40. اريد ترجمه للعربي

  41. 59049 troop combinations

    Edit not considering the levels and considering 5 camps

  42. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  43. I did it in 58 second

  44. I think builder base has gotten harder for bh6 because of the big cannon, and I lost 500+ trophies because of them.