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  1. Endelig en norsk clasher!

  2. Guys, gemming is annoying but it is what supports Supercell, without it CoC
    would cost money. I would be happy that people buy gems, not sad.

  3. damn he sounds annoying :DD

  4. U shouldn’t speak during ur videos! ;D

  5. I want to attack him so bad… BEFORE HE SPENT ALL THE STUFF ON THAT SHIT

  6. fucking gemmers. what’s the point of playing if everything is maxed from
    the start

  7. Dude stop gemming and get some real skills!! I have never seen some one go
    wiping in different directions. And destroying easy bases r not fun!!!!
    Seriously, no offence but ur a noob

  8. am i the only one who got here for the first time and will never come back
    cause of his annoying facking voice

  9. All that loot I wish I could attack u

  10. Totally insane, holy guacamole!

  11. I just found “Adam” “Free loot” base took a screenshot 🙂 Very rare I come
    across them!

  12. tow dayy wae are gowing to playy CLAWSH OF CLAWNS!! damn he is annoying

  13. Ahhhh his accent is annoying af!

  14. Men, you suck hard at this game…
    Learn something about it!
    I can’t belive you reached TH 10 this way… For sure you are completly
    gemed… And thats means you know anything about attacking. You show it…
    Men get a life and stop geming, it’s not fun. Really. You SUCK!

  15. omg i fucking hate u

  16. Cornelius u r silver league I’m gold league

  17. What the fuck did I just watch. Guys that was totally insane guys totally

  18. Wtf when u said goodbye my YouTube crashed WHAT U HACK YOUTUBE EEK

  19. I’ve never played clash and don’t know what gemming is. Apparently everyone
    here hates him for it, so can someone explain what it is so I can add to
    the hate?

  20. Is there anything that isn’t “totally insane”?

  21. he sounds like he is not getting enough air to breathe lol :>

  22. bootiful ohccent

  23. Check out this video on YouTube:I’m 

  24. Can’t take his voice !! Omg 

  25. Patrick’s stop being so mean he just got out of the hospital u idiot