Road to 3 Million Gold! – Let’s Play Clash of Clans 39

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  1. Road to 3 Million Gold! – Let’s Play Clash of Clans 39

  2. Hey Simon, awesome video! Quick question, how do you get clash of clans
    recorded in full screen?


  4. Simon your awesome

  5. Why do you use expensive troops for an abandon base? abandon base can be
    easily loot using barb and arch only.

  6. It took u 39 episodes to get 3mil gold

  7. Anybody want my town hall 7(max th6 defennses I have lvl2 drags everything
    else is lvl 3 or 4) I want it for $40 of playstation store points. Message
    me at for more details:)

  8. Loot bonus from master league and above is now my main source of income 

  9. Good video

  10. Nice and good videos Mr. SIMON TAY, how to make a video like that like the
    video, because I wanna make a video like that’s…, please answer

  11. Do you have any videos with attacking strategies for dragons?

  12. :3

  13. Simon, i guess you like very much of P.E.K.K.A 6:26, hidden tesla

  14. Good video

  15. 10:10 Like the medic troop in Boom Beach ” Yup yup yup”?

  16. 6.

  17. ?

  18. Hi

  19. Simon you could of had 100k sub by now. The reason being you dont post
    enough videos everyday! Just a little tip.

  20. Great video Simon! 

  21. Awsome video simon


  23. youre welcome for reminding you of that 3 mill


  25. Simon….where is your main base ( th9 ) , not this one but the one u
    played last time