Ruling The Skies! – TH9 3 Star Air War Attacks – Clash of Clans – LaLoon and More!

  1. bro clan

  2. Are you trying to make me feel bad that I'm not th9 yet? XD Jk

  3. Hey rocky love the vids man. Just wondering though I have 3 accounts on iOS but do not have 3 devices anymore. Do you use one device? If so how?

  4. lavaloon*

  5. What is the clan tag for ihawk, I'm almost a Max th7.

  6. smashed like… love your video contents.

  7. Dude GoBoLaLo is a good strat…..but not all clans have access to max cc bowlers…..Can you make a GoLalo Variant without bowlers? Thanks

  8. How do I SPONOR your channel?

  9. 150th like loll.

  10. Nice attaks ….. great Job keep it up .;-);-)

  11. Can u make a video on hghb attack for th9

  12. I want to join mad ram

  13. Am th 9 with lvl 20 king 24 queen can I join ur clan mad ram?

  14. You're Definitely The Best Clash Youtuber. This video is Fiyah ???

  15. Yo bro nice ???

  16. I love you I really like ur vedios I subscribed u but is Megan ur account

  17. Love ur vids

  18. GoBoLaLo is 100% the best th9 war stat. I have never failed a base on a clean up with GoBoLaLo and most of the time I three star the base fresh

  19. I thought thie was the th9 legend push got me happy 5 sec

  20. Heeeeey

  21. I mean who could dislike your video? I couldnt

  22. Ivan is Bulgarian??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. yes bash your videos are great keep it up