Run a Multi Clan Gaming Network Clash of Clans

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  1. Subscribe to me im 3 SUBS AWAY FROM 400!!

  2. para ver ataques, bases, guerras y ejercitos de Clash of Clans pasaros por el canal!!

  3. Heather, by rushed, would engineered bases count? Like 8.5's etc.?
    Great vid by the way!

  4. Hey Heather – can you do a video on recruitment strategies and how you find quality clashers for the kingdom? Thanks.

  5. Hey Heather. Keep up the great job in producing videos. I've learned a lot from players like yourself, powerbang and clash with ash. I'm thinking of joining one of your clans but I would like a personal recommendation from you.

    I currently play on two accounts, a maxed th8 with the exception of a maxed golem and a th8.5 trying to max my troops first. I'm war driven and is always trying to 3 star bases in war. I'm no perfect player but I have a pretty good 3 star record. I would say my success rate in 3 starring bases are around 85-95% of wars. I admit, there are definitely some bad days.

  6. Who else is here from ash?

  7. 🙁 sad this is clash of clans what about clash royale?

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  9. Clash royale version?

  10. Emerge democratic symbol guy.

  11. Heather can u do th8 attacks without golem or pekka.

  12. Legacy regulate policy show.

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  18. Hey. Check out our clan : Madsasins level 10 16 war winstreak at this moment :D

  19. anyone interested in making a multi-clan network? im looking for loyal members who are interested my line is noe.14_mx or kik mx.14__

  20. I quit coc