RUSHING To Town Hall 11?

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  1. 500th liker!

  2. Wow… You actually spend $200? That's such a bad idea.

  3. how did you connect to pc???

  4. My favorite part of the updates being able to attack without completely breaking the shield

  5. New inspiring/unusual videos about the new update in your channel


    (Mike SHARED IT) RUSHING To Town Hall 11?

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  8. Bro what is the song, it's amazing

  9. I FOUND A CLASH OF CLANS DIAMONDS GIVEAWAY! You can get the gems again and again! (GOeB3)

  10. Lindsey Stirling – Take Flight
    you will watch it when u know what it is

  11. My favourite feature is goblins can target town hall

  12. ION CLASH ER DU NORSK????!?!?!?

  13. With the Clash of clans top 50 ideas can u read my comment

  14. you told you don't make Gemming videos

  15. Rip ion….going to countryside…will be back in jan…remember I'm ur top sub always!

  16. hahaha love how your gaining less subs now people realizing your shit

  17. Damn

  18. ION CLASH+, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, I'm begging Please Join My clan for like 5-10 Minutes, I have some great video ideas! My clan tag is #YRJR92OU, Name Texas RebelS. I'm Archer×King, I've been in ION MASTERS X, ION CHAMPS X, ION JUMPS X, ION LEGEND X, ION TITANS X, ION KINGDOM X, And Pootie Tang In ION MASTERS X, Told me to join ION X to talk to you but y'all won't let me in. Just please join my clan for a bit. :)

  19. I feel sorry for you ion but thanks that's why I subscribed

  20. How do u record your pc screen?