SIEGE MACHINE GAMEPLAY – Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 UPDATE Interview Part 2

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  1. Also, maybe you can ask him about upgrade times. Some of us can't gem our stuff and these troops and defense upgrade are going 5+ days. Maybe going down -3 days on certain level upgrades? I don't know but if there's a way, that'd be awesome. Thanks Galadon.

  2. We can get sege machine is cc

  3. It would be neat if any ranged troops in the siege machines can fight back

  4. I’m so hyped

  5. I think th 12 update is not so good little goog just bored there are not new spell and hero and wall and troop and 😐😐😐😐😯😑😑😑👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👐

  6. Can you make one pacifically for atack

  7. Which private server did you use???


  9. Need to fix the AI… until that’s done these updates mean nothing

  10. Wow u love this new thinks👌👌❤❤

  11. Can I get this server

  12. TH 8 getting lv 20 barb king?

  13. i am your fan galadon

  14. Terrible, all the updates forever since the last like 2 years were never about lower Th's, i'm TH 9 just upgraded, and I can see now why a lot of lower levels quit COC, it's because they get no fun updates, they get nothing to try out, COC IS PAY TO HAVE FUN AND PAY TO WIN.

  15. 😁😁😁

  16. This wall wrecker is also in age of empires I think supercell used unfair means (stoled) from age of empires game plz shout out to me

  17. I think I am having an orgasm.

  18. Galadon, your gemming the entire update to max?? But that’s like $9657826179973625635678658390072169

  19. Your video is so great.

  20. hahahahah omg that update was so huge im just th9😂

  21. but arent we gonna need a defence to atleast counter the siege machine

  22. Can you give me the link of this version of coc

  23. I like how the town hall attacks 😃

  24. Ne good news for th 10 people's garry

  25. Brothers has the wall upgrading price decreased

  26. is that a new freeze spell you are using?

  27. i am only th 9

  28. M in th9 but after watching them m in love 😍😍 can't wait to have them……. So excited 😍😍 ty galadon… 😘

  29. Hay Galadon do u know why the help and support not replying….

  30. can u tell me the link the of this aap

  31. Bro can you give me the link of the developer build of this update

  32. This is great!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR TH12