SIEGE WORKSHOP, NEW WALLS, Defense Levels! Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Update!

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  2. The walls are lame. Bring back the electric blue walls. Those were the best walls.

  3. I love you nice video

  4. Bruh looks dope but bet it takes like a fuckin year for one

  5. we need to change our username in clash of clans…. LIKE ME IF U WANT TO CHANGE UR USER NAME

  6. I LOVE the new wizard towers

  7. I’m still in townhall 5 but it’s ok I’m almost maxed when I’m maxed I’ll upgrade my town hall

  8. I needed gems

  9. When u attack and when u destroy stuff some of it will only be worth 0% because there will be more than 100 buildings

  10. So much blueness

  11. Fake

  12. who knows when will the th 99 update

  13. Bro is any news spells are coming please tell me thiss pleaseee

  14. Broo tell me this why this supercell damged the inferno and Xbox this two defenses are like level 2

  15. All defences looks smaller 😣

  16. everything are changed OLD IS GOLD AND BEST

  17. Honestly I do love new Updates BUT One truly Suggestion
    I do hope The dev will come with something totally different I mean something makes you feel you really do upgrades. Just like from town hall 8 to 9 their are quit different
    Hope new town hall will be different from all others…

  18. How did u download this coc townhall 12 server???

  19. Plz make Pakistani flag

  20. x bow and infernos are worst x bow look like level 2 and inferno looks like level 3 😏😏

  21. I lost my account 😣

  22. The X bow looks stupid

  23. tesla is getting fiercer wow wow woww

  24. The xbow looks like the lvl 40s from clash a Rama