SIX FRESH 3 STARS WORTH WATCHING! Th9 / Th10 / Th11 WHF vs CWA in Clash Of Clans

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  1. I see some golems in the ccs. Nothing screams Queen POP my base like cc golems and hounds. Nice to see you guys play. Love listening to strategy breakdown from others veiws.

  2. i love ash doing coc

  3. I'm cool

  4. great vid Ash. when you edit your videos can you crank up your audio by 4-6db?

  5. Ash why do you encourage the use of spammy miner attack. Anyone who uses them should lose your respect

  6. Pretty sure FITKING used to be with us at immoral thieves

  7. Hey ash another good vid, how do i join clan

  8. nice vid, but a warden at th10 is a very bad idea and would ruin the game, th10 is not underpowered offensively.

  9. expect these from whf.. composed of solid elite attackers.

  10. best youtuber ever ,mmm you deserve at least 2 millions subscribers

  11. CWA had so much peapol from elsewhere than from cwa

  12. he just said boner like it was nothing lol

  13. Guys keep the likes on this video at 666. The title has "SIX" and "THREE" which means 6 6 6. Also the guy in thumbnail is doing 666 hand symbol

  14. Great video! I like this kind of video where you review a war and also talk us deeply through some of the attacks. Learned a lot during this, thanks:)

  15. 5:50 Ash makes a good point, You really should not be able to 3 star a th11 easier then a th10. But I pray for their "big" update to truly be a big update and change the way we play the game. I really does need a big change, Great war though really well planned hits'

  16. Hey Ash, how do I join arranged wars like these, where I don't have to be a permanent clan member of any FP clan? I already have a clan among friends but would like to join wars like these as a visitor.

  17. I laughed way too much when ash said 'boner attacks' hahahahahah lol

  18. Wars clans very beautiful greetings

  19. Great question this time! I'm 4 finger spreading miners now thanks to you Ash!

  20. Ash why did so many people leave your clan after that war?

  21. Not sure if TH10 needs any sort of troop buff or the GW. I think it's actually in a pretty good place right now. 3*s are definitely attainable, but not a guarantee. You just need to have a solid plan and take apart the base. That being said, something does need to change so all you see aren't boner attacks with one or two air attacks thrown in when the base calls for it.

    The real problem is with th11s. I think they need a bigger nerf to GW either reducing the time that eternal tome works, reducing the life bonus aura, or taking away one of them, or some combination of that.

  22. dude I love the bolaloon and bowler golaloon attacks at th9, I really miss when lagoon was huge back in the day and ur vids have helped me get back to that with my th8.5! thx as always Ash!

  23. Shanked by Ash right out of the box. ;-)

  24. Could you show some of the best th9 bases of WHF?

  25. And have fun

  26. really nice video thanks for show some th10 attacks that was really great!!!

  27. nice video. the th9 base was an easy base love seeing th10 and 11 3 stars though

  28. search general holmes govaho attacks

  29. watch general holmes govaho attacks please guys

  30. sir good pasture is my favourite th9 attacker.

  31. ha ha ?