Skeleton Spell at TH10! – How to Take out the Defensive Queen on LaLoon Attacks

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  1. Biiii- – -sectatron from Onehive Gazette, Love The Way U say ur name man…haha

  2. I still don't get why there so many lava hounds in the defence CC. Baby Dragon with a witch or valk should be much better, right? Also, the air attacks is WAY to OP in the game now, it's all that's been showed in the video's… th11 just do mass deployment with their loons for my th10, no contest…

  3. We do this with th9s too, we swapped the cc haste for a cc skele in our queen pop laloon, and it makes the queen kills more reliable. Excellent video, thanks!

  4. I'm in trouble I wanna defend against Max dragon I'm th9 but there is rushed account against me in war !

  5. Amazing video. I was curious about this technique. Love your videos man. Appreciate them and the work you do!

  6. great video

  7. hey I was wondering do you have any th11 3*s to show I would love to see some!

  8. great attack! great idea use skeleton spell ?

  9. ?

  10. first ..??