Skeleton Spell & Hog Rider 3 Star Wins THE WAR of 2016 – InTheDark vs V.N. Champions Part 1/3

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  1. This is da shit! nice ed!

  2. Great War !!
    nice lavaloon and nice bowler hoggies 🙂
    good video

  3. LOVE ITD from Colombia

  4. ITD only won because they have more maxed bases. Period.

  5. fucking awesome

  6. aren't you in the Quantum's Web clan?

  7. finally war video is here.. thnx Ed

  8. That hog attack at the end…beast

  9. fck.. how long it take to plan their crazy attack Ed ?? ???

  10. he ed now you recording videos of different clans , why not you record Quantum's web , i saw you old videos , they were good , also new are good but it better to make videos of Quantum' web clans videos . dont mind ok 🙂 do what u want , but i like only quantum web videos

  11. I can still watch them ;)

  12. FUCK YEAH HOGGIES ed I have to say sorry I didn't even see any of your videos till yesterday like hell is this keep it up man hopefully joining you on patron soon

  13. cant wait to see the others two parts! awesome video

  14. me encantan tus videos <3

  15. Lavaloonion is back kkkk :D

  16. ED i cant see this on patron

  17. like ❤

  18. nice ass attacks man fuuucckkk??????

  19. War are back? Awsome attacks guys,, GL in future ?

  20. Best war of 2016?

  21. Nigga gets too excited over raids?

  22. Can join in clan i can triple star th11

  23. nice job guys keep going ??✌

  24. Wooooooow ???????? nice job

  25. Kesko der Lappen xD

  26. Hell yeah! Awesome pro content! Great Ed, so much fun watching quality instead of that garbage in other CoC channels.

  27. lol