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  1. 5:55 hahahahaha

  2. not great the big players will capture heros from duel.. anytime burn a castle hero captured

  3. all these people that still spend a lot of money i want to see what they say when not many are playing and they are sitting in a lonely kingdom with no one to attack or even talk to. cok you really suck anymore. i have a very strong castle with all the goodies but i don't do much because i sent a lot of money and they want more. i stopped spending a little while ago. it's just not fun. i go on to talk to people a little and maybe smack around a few chinese. But other then that i actually knew my shield was down the other day and didn't bother going on for a few hours. i truly didn't care if i was zeroed. i wasn't which is a miracle because we have been at war for 11 months non stop. point is i didn't run to game like i would have before to put shield up. again, fuck you cok

  4. more money, more money, more money. another bs event. collect packages from merchant and get wands from well. But, you get a bunch of packs and very little wands. so after event they will be sure to sell wands in store. spend gold like crazy so you use your real cash for gold. they haven't had a good monster event in long time. i feel really bad for players with 27, 28, 29 castles. it's become almost impossible for them to upgrade. forget collecting rss. this game blows anymore. i have watched so many people quit. they have destroyed a great game. fuck you cok

  5. Again some broken buildings, im guessing again for spenders. Capturing hero is beyond bs. Nice job Elex! (DD ty for early updates, keep going!)))

  6. Please not more building for money player ?

  7. dd next time you make a video a
    of make clash of king great again pleade adress the badges the pack are rip off and its crazy that you neef to spend over 3000 usd from p4 to p5 they need to make more badges in event and in packs like that 4 k badges few month ago

  8. Nice to see that English alliances are taking over Chinese alliances! Btw i watch your videos daily they are good..??

  9. COK is following Last Empire War Z..everything is the same,later they will launch missles from castle

  10. Mother's day in Russia bro

  11. is it the Legend27?

  12. The magic mirror is bullcrap, it can't be used in the KC and even if it did it will only show a P4 with millions of troops making it useless for anyone but P5 who doesn't even need RSS, and when used in your own kingdom it will send you to someone in your own alliance (put this in your make cok great again video if possible) :)

  13. will the revived hero get back his skills ?

  14. ?

  15. ?

  16. i stop upgrade castle at p1 only, i can upgrade to high prestige but big spender gonna duel me everytime lol
    so i dont want waste my time to fight against big spender lmao

  17. No kingdom jump or merge? That is I think the most vital thing to put players in good mood for those that are not c30 that is like 80-%

  18. wheres bowzeeeeeeeee???????

  19. Send a wave to Brazil

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  20. Lol funny

  21. me and my friend started this game same time,,, I'm at c26 @nd now he is p3 without spending money… it's all bcz of your videos he reached there… thank you bro

  22. a mudança de reino foi liberada apenas para o reino 90 ir para o reino 89, kingdom 90 jump kingdom 89.

  23. no helpful buildings all useless hope we move for a new game dd a game that require skills not money

  24. first and proud

  25. Hey fam I hope you can learn something from this sneak peak video!!!