Sneak Peek #2 New Leagues

My thoughts on todays sneak peek. Lets hope the next one is something good. Join me on Bindle! #OneHiveRaids Follow me …


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  1. Sorry, but this is a great addition for those of us above 4200 trophies. Im looking forward to it!

  2. supercell makes most of their money off of the top trophy pushers. it isnt about satisfying everyone, this part of the update is about getn that moneeey. but i agree. if the top war clans dont care… why should anyone care bout these fake clans with high wins. bring on the arranged matchups

  3. Wow cool leagues 

  4. Okay, I know Onehive, and myself, to start of would love to see arranged matchups. Now, when i posted about this idea on the forums I got shot down really quickly with people complaining, "oh its too exploitable" "or free loot!". Listen people, can you please think outside of stuff like that for once? I will post the link to my idea at the end of this post, and I hope everyone reads it. Yes I even added a cool-down idea for  those people who complain about it. (Yeah i still got comments from those people who thought it was a not so good idea). Honestly I don't find anything wrong at all! Please let me know what you think. Is my idea to far fetched? Did I miss anything?

  5. Wow, this is completely ridiculous. Useless. I don't think this will ever effect me or basically anyone that doesn't push for trophies. What the hell supercell.

    Btw nice vid Jake

  6. Really underwhelming sneak peek. Make th9/10 raids harder with the 2nd air sweeper for the war community. Great job SC. I hope this isn't a bust update.

  7. They don't look out for our community because we don't gem as heavily. War community only gems on hero upgrades and maybe some troops for last minute hits if that's your strategy

  8. What does it matter. Trophy pushing has been broken in the higher levels so this system had to be created sometime so why not now. Besides this update has been huge so far and more to come so don't complain that somebody else gets something for once even if it is a low number.

  9. LOL jake pissed off

  10. hi jake, it's funny as now a days i see a preview and rush so hear what you gonna say about it…. in my opinion there are two things that this leagues add will do… it will make crystal league and maybe masters league much easier (which is like the 12th mine&pumps level update is for the farmers). second; it will make that maxed out players a reason to use jems (if you think as supercell) or a reason to continue to play the game (if you think as a maxed out player)

    P.S tomorrows sneak is dark spell factory, with one spell know is poison spell (kill defending troops slowly), do you thinks it will be still 4 spell for th9 and 5 for th10 combined from both factory or it will be each factory has individual spells space??? witch will totally change the game in my opinion

  11. Jake you ever thought about getting in contact with YouTubers like Galadon and giving them ideas about how to improve the game?

    He listens to other players so why not listen to somebody who has the respect of the War Conmunity

    Hope you're doing well.


  12. Jake I think the issue is Super Cell knows where the money comes from.  The top 1-2% of players pay so much to be competitive that it makes them focus on those players.  Not that I think its right. We all for the most part have put some money to varying degrees and want our voices heard too.  I hope they can add some war features also because I will never see that high of league!

  13. The top pushers are also the top gemmers, make them happy it makes the game more money 

  14. Jake who can we hunt a clan….my clan wants to hunt our rival clan…plss tell me how to

  15. So Here is the Update in a Nutshell:
    New Air Sweeper
    New Leagues
    Month long Seasons
    New UI
    Dark Spell Factory (Available at TH8)
    Spells are: Earthquake, Poison, Haste
    Dark Spell Factory will cost 1,000,000 Elixir to build
    More Walls at TH10 (i.e. 10 New Walls)

  16. Jake u remember a red spell glitch maybe it could be the new spell in the factory maybe supercell could have been working on it do u think it could be like that?

  17. Hey jake! Don't want to disappoint you or anything but this update is completely focussed for the pushers because the last couple of updates have been for the war community. So all i want to say is this that don't get your hopes high, obviously there will be some changes and addition to the game which we (the war community) will get some benefit.

  18. Jake there is a dark spell factory that was glimpsed in the first sneak peek footage. That is a big thing, and could change war raids? But arranged matchups wont ever happen.

  19. Yoooo tornuments is a great idea!

  20. This is why I love this channel Jake, you speak the truth…All famous COC youtubers are buttering Suppercell by saying what an awesome Sneak Peek. But you have spoken the truth…

    Till now if you look at the confirmed sneak peeks there is nothing in this update to be happy about…Till now its crap…